Murderer at the New London University

Part 7

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

But it was not the lab that exploded, it was the library that exploded.

32 minutes later....

Lestrade cut the green wire.

"Now, cut the black wire and the timer will stop," Holmes said.

"Black?" She cut it. The timer was still going. "Holmes, are you sure it is the black wire?" Lestrade asked slowly.


"Well, it did not stop. In fact, there are two wires left, a red wire and a blue wire."


"What are we going to do about them?"

Suddenly Holmes could hear Big Ben ring. The time is 10 am. Only 5 minutes left. Holmes lost his cool and began to feel frustrated over the wires.

"Holmes?" Lestrade called out.


"I....I love you, Holmes.... I might never be able to tell you that..." Lestrade went quiet.

Holmes stared at the door. Suddenly he crumpled the map, threw it to one side and sat down. "Cut it." Holmes said.


"Cut the color you like."


"Even if you cut the wrong wire, I will be there with you. If we can't be born together, we will die together."

Lestrade smiled.

Just then the building rumbled and concrete fell. Holmes had to jump out of the way, and on the other side Lestrade jumped out of the way of falling concrete, carrying the bomb.

As Lestrade put the bomb down, she began to think about the conversation with Holmes about the uniform.... "I preferred red. I like red." She took a deep breath and lifted her scissors.

"Lestrade? Lestrade? She can't hear me. I better use the videophone." He couldn't find it.

Rescue workers came in and tried to open the door.

Speaking of red.... Holmes thinks back. Lestrade said that she likes red, and Johnny was on the scene at that time.... Favorite color....oh no!

The concrete fell rapidly, the workers tried to get Holmes away, but he managed to get away from them and went to the door yelling, "Lestrade, cut the blue wire! The red wire is a trap! Don't cut the red wire!"

32 seconds left....Lestrade is going to cut....

The workers managed to drag Holmes away from the door....

8 seconds left....Lestrade closed her eyes. "Farewell, Sherlock...."

Holmes turned his head. "Beth!"

Lestrade cut the wire.

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