Murderer at the New London University

Part 3

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

"Two suspects and one clue found," Holmes whispered to Lestrade. Just when Holmes was about to ask more questions, a female student ran in the lab yelling, "There's a student dead in the swimming pool!" All of the students rushed out, including Holmes and Lestrade.


"The victim is Alex Gordon, 21, Chemistry student. The cause is drowning in the swimming pool. Somebody must have pushed his head hard in the water," Inspector Thomson said seriously. "And..." He studied the body carefully. "He died 11 hours ago. Which is..." He looked at his watch. "Around 9pm."

Holmes and Lestrade were in the crowd, trying to get a good look at the body. "What are we going to do when Alex is gone?" Caroline whispered to a blackhaired student beside her.

"Get a new monitor! Who cares if he is gone! He's not the king of the class or something," the student hissed back.

Holmes tapped on her shoulder. "Who are you and why did you talk like that? He's our classmate."

The student stared at him. "I'm Claudia. I talked that way because I hated him and the students who were killed in our class... wait a sec, why should I answer you? I don't even know you."

"Calm down, Claudia." Caroline said, turned to Holmes and Lestrade, and whispered, "I will tell you about our classmates during recess. Then you two can learn more about us." Holmes and Lestrade nodded.


"... And Claudia Leda is our tomboy and art student in class. The male students often tease and bully her in class. Included Alex. She uses to be very gentle. Now she is cold towards everyone in our class. Except for her teachers. Poor Claudia. The old Claudia I used to know is.... Probably dead," Caroline said sadly. Johnny was sitting beside her.

"Can you tell us about the male students in our class?" Lestrade asked. Holmes sat beside her, silently recording Caroline's words (the recorder was hid in his pocket).

"Why? Are you interested in them?" Caroline teased.

"Um, no." Lestrade said quickly. Holmes stifled a grin.

"Well, like I said, they bully Claudia a lot. The first one who died is Louis. Claudia hated him the most... Alex was our class monitor. Most of our male classmates are French. And that's all I know. We better go now, we still have a one more class on History."

"Thank you. We better go and check out the art studio for clues after school." Lestrade whispered to Holmes.

"Lestrade, do you have any idea where the art studio is?" Holmes asked after school.

"No..." She sighed, "Looks like we have to ask for directions and the keys from the attendants." A few minutes later, they were on their way.

"Holmes, do you think that Claudia is the murderer?" Lestrade asked.

"Don't jump to conclusions, Lestrade. I am sure that she's not the murderer."

"Why not?"

"How could a young lady be strong enough to lift and hang a male student's body on to the ceiling?" Holmes asked back with a question.


"Found anything?" Lestrade asked after an hour. Holmes shook his head.

"Hey! What you two doing here?" a voice demanded. They looked up and saw a young male teacher stood at the door.

"Are you the art teacher?" Holmes asked.

"Yes. Mr. Castor is my name," the teacher responded.

"Do you teach Claudia Leda?" Lestrade asked.


"What is she like in your class?" Holmes asked.

"Very obedient and sometimes she can make mistakes. Why were you two here?"

"Well, my friend dropped something and we thought that he dropped it here. We didn't't find it so here are the keys." Lestrade gave Mr. Castor the keys and Holmes followed her out of the door.

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