Murderer at the New London University

Part 6

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

"Lestrade? Lestrade! Can you hear me?" Holmes yelled to the videophone. The screen went blank. And there was no response from Lestrade. He threw the videophone aside and grabbed Johnny up by his collar. "What are you planning to do?" Holmes asked angrily.

Johnny smiled. "Kill the whole class. They were so unfair to Claudia. Included the girls. They didn't do anything to help Claudia when she was teased."

Holmes just about to punch Johnny when he noticed a piece of paper sticking out his jacket pocket. Holmes grabbed it and unfolded it. It turned out to be a map of the bomb. Holmes picked up the phone and dialed Watson's number. "Watson! Go to the NLU immediately and get the police!"

"Looks like you and Billie are not ordinary students after all; I knew it right from the start." Johnny said.

Holmes pulled Johnny out of the room and rushed towards the NLU.


At NLU, bombs continued to explode, smoke is rising up and students are running away from the building. Fire engines and paramedics are putting out the fire and helping the injured students. Watson began to look around for Holmes and found Holmes coming towards him with a student.

Holmes handed the student to him. "Watson, take care of this murderer."

"He is the murderer?" Watson asked.

"Yes. By the way have you seen Lestrade?"

"No, I thought she was with you...." Watson responded. Holmes looked horrified and without a word, he rushed into the building.


Lestrade's videophone rang again. She picked it up. It was Holmes on the other end. Before Holmes could say anything, Lestrade asked angrily: "What's going on? Do you know that how much I had suffered over here?"

"I know. I have made it to the door but because of the explosion, it had bent out of shape. I can't open it. By the way, have you seen something unusual there?"

"Unusual thing...." Lestrade looked around and found a black box under Johnny's seat. She opened it and found a bomb with 40 minutes left. "Holmes, it's a bomb with 40 minutes left!"

"That's means the bomb will goes off at 10.05am. Lestrade, do you have any scissors?"

"I have one in my bag." Lestrade responded.

"Try to disarm the bomb by using the scissors. Follow my instructions."

"Wait a minute! I can't disarm the bomb and look at you at the same time. I will carry the bomb to the door." She carried the bomb to the door. "Can you hear me?" Lestrade asked.

"Yes." Holmes responded from the other side. Lestrade took out the scissors. "All right, cut the yellow wire first." Holmes instructed.

Lestrade cut the wire...somewhere, a bomb exploded.

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