Murderer at the New London University

Part 2

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at


"Where is my tie? Watson, have you seen it? Please help me to find it!" Holmes asked quickly as he rushed out of his room.

Watson looked around and found it lying on the couch. "Holmes, I found it."

"Give it to me quick! I'm going to be late! Watson, get the hovercraft ready, please!" Watson rushed out the door and Holmes followed, grabbing his new backpack on his way out.

"What's the time?" Holmes asked in the hovercraft as he tried to tie his school tie.

Watson looked at the clock. "6.40am."

"Well, Lestrade is going to kill me," Holmes groaned.

"Here we are, New London University," Watson announced.

Holmes smiled for the first time that morning. "Thank you, Watson, I...."

Impatient tapping on the glass window by Lestrade interrupted him.

"Looks like I don't have time to talk, either. Goodbye, Watson, I will call you when I need help," Holmes said as he got off the hovercraft.

After Watson drove away, Lestrade tugged Holmes' arm. "Come on, we got only 5 minutes to register."

They rushed to the main hall and the computer in the hall lit up. "Name, please," it said.

"Do you think we should change our names?" Lestrade asked.

Holmes nodded.

"Steven Hepburn and Billie Lester." Lestrade said quickly.

"Which course are you taking?" the computer asked.

"I think we should stick together." Holmes suggested.

Lestrade nodded in agreement.

Holmes smiled. "Chemistry."

"Please go to 2-14 Chemistry lab," the computer said. Lestrade grabbed Holmes' arm and ran toward the elevator.


"This is the lab?" Holmes asked.

Lestrade nodded. The lab had 10 rows of table and chairs. Each table had 4 seats, one sink and 4 electric notebooks.

"Looks like the teacher is not here yet. Let's sit at the back," Lestrade suggested. Holmes and Lestrade quickly settled down. Lestrade stared at her uniform. "I preferred red. I like red."

"You don't look good in red. Lester." Holmes grinned.

"What? Well, you...." Lestrade began.

"Hey, are you two new here?" Holmes and Lestrade turned and saw a young man about 21 smiling at them.

"Yes. I am Steven and she is Billie," Holmes responded.

"I'm Johnny; pleased to meet you."

"And I'm Caroline." A young woman with red hair who was sitting beside Johnny) smiled and whispered, "Do you know about the murders here?"

"Murders?" Lestrade pretended to be surprised.

"Yeah, the male student who got hanged is the third one. The first one was a male student who were pushed off the building, the second one was also a male student who was stabbed in the chest," Caroline said.

"What did those three students have in common?" Holmes leaned forward and asked.

"Well.... the three of them were in our class and they were bullies."

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