Murderer at the New London University

Part 1

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

Selene's note: Sorry if my fanfic frightens you and Watson only appears a few times in the story....


The time was 11.00 pm. Footsteps echoed down the corridor as she walked down the hall. An art student of New London University looked around the dark corridor for the art studio and when she found it, she quickly took out the keys that she borrowed from the attendant and unlocked the door. She needed to find her sketchbook fast because tomorrow she needed to hand up an art piece which was drawn in the book, and being alone in the school at night was really scary. Immediately she found it lying on the floor near the door. However, when she just about to leave with her sketchbook, she saw something was hanging from the ceiling. She slowly switched on the lights. When she did, she dropped her sketchbook and her eyes widened, for she saw a male student hanging, dead, from the ceiling. Suddenly her scream pierced though the night.



"What?! You want me to disguise myself as a student and go to New London University to investigate?!" Inspector Beth Lestrade asked in horror.

Grayson nodded.

"Why me?" Lestrade groaned.

"Because you are the youngest inspector in New Scotland Yard -- easy for you to disguise as a student to investigate the murder."

Lestrade stared at him. "Do I have to? Can't I just investigate the murder of the student as a inspector?"

"Yes, you have to and, no, you can't. Besides, it is good for you." Grayson smiled.

"Good for what?" Lestrade muttered under her breath. "Can I at least get Holmes to help me?" she asked hopefully.

"Go ahead, as long as you're willing to go to investigate," Grayson said impatiently.

"Yes, chief. I will," Lestrade said.


"So you want me to go with you as a student to NLU to investigate?" Holmes asked.

Lestrade nodded. "Please, Holmes; this is the first time and the last time I'll ask you."

"Why can't you investigate as a inspector?" Watson asked.

Lestrade thought for a while. "I think it is because if the killer is a student; his or her friends will be helping him or her and won't tell us," she sighed.

Holmes nodded and got up. "All right, I will go with you. Now, Watson, let's go to NLU and take a look at the school. I want to see what it looks like."

Lestrade followed suit. "And I need to buy the school uniforms."

Holmes nearly dropped his deerstalker hat. He stared at Lestrade. "What school uniforms?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, all schools nowadays have two rules: all students need to wear school uniforms, and live on the campus, including universities."

Watson looked surprised while Holmes looked horrified. "But I never wore a school uniform for years! I can't fit in the school like that! Watson, I don't want to go to NLU now...."

"Holmes, you can't break your word."

Lestrade grinned.

".... All right, I will try." Holmes said after a few minutes.

"Okay, Holmes, try this." Lestrade held out the blue NLU uniform a few hours later. Holmes and Watson stared at it. It looked like a suit just that it had no vest. It came with a shirt, a blue tie, and black boots. Holmes sighed, took it, and went to his bedroom to change. A few moments later....

Holmes came out wearing the uniform and Lestrade smiled.

"My, you do look a lot younger, Holmes," Watson said. Holmes smiled a little.

"Don't be so depressed, Holmes, at least you can do the things you like, like investigating in the school," Lestrade coaxed.

Holmes lightened up a little. "Thank you, Lestrade, I think I am better."

Lestrade got up. "Well, better get to sleep early. Holmes, don't crumple the uniform. You need it tomorrow. Meet me at school by 6.45am."

Holmes responded with a groan.

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