Murderer at the New London University

Part 5

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

Lestrade was very surprised. "What?! Who is it?"

"I will tell you later in Chemistry." After that, Holmes rushed out of the hall. He went to the attendants and asked the way to the fusebox. And when he found what he wanted, he smiled.


Johnny was sitting on his bed touching his wounded leg when Holmes came in.

"Hello, Johnny. How is your leg?"

"Terrible." Johnny said weakly.

"Yes, it is terrible." Holmes said as he sat down beside Johnny. "All that acting...."

"Acting? Steven, what are you talking about?" Johnny asked nervously.

"Need I say it? You're the one who killed them, aren't you?" Holmes asked.

"What....?" Johnny looked horrified.

"First, you knew Louis bullied Claudia a lot, so you invited him to NLU to talk about Claudia. He must have refused to stop his teasing, so you push him off the building. You do the same to the other students...." Holmes stopped for a while.

"But you don't have any evidence against me. And what is my motive?" Johnny asked.

"Motive? You gave it to me yesterday night. You confessed that you like Claudia and you would... And your conversation stopped there. What are you going to say is "I would kill anyone who bullies Claudia." Am I right?" Johnny looked panicked now. "Furthermore, your "injury" is not real. The blood is fake blood. You got them from the Drama classes. Then you plant a minor time bomb at the fuse box, so that when it explodes, you can be at the study hall at the same time. You pretend to be hurt because you can get your name off the suspects' list. Too bad your words help me to conclude that the murderer is you. If the hall was so dark, how could the murderer stab you correctly?"

Johnny suddenly smiled. "You're right. I did it. All for Claudia...."

"Speaking of Claudia, why isn't she here today?" Holmes interrupted.

"I made her sick by drugging her food yesterday. I don't want her to get hurt today," Johnny said.

"Hurt?" Holmes echoed.

"I planted time bombs to close off all the entrances and exits to the building entrance. The first one will go off at 9.00am. But don't worry, I poured all the chemicals away."

"What?! But there's only one minute left till 9am!" Holmes grabbed his hand-held videophone and dialed Lestrade's number.


"Ring....ring..." Lestrade's hand-held videophone rang. Lestrade quickly apologized to the class and picked up the phone.

"Holmes? Where did you go?" Lestrade demanded.

"Lestrade, get out of the lab immediately!" Holmes yelled.


But it's too late; the bomb explodes.

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