A Bad Christmas Wish

Part 2

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

'Wow, this carnival is great!' Edith said as she and Lestrade walked in the carnival at the next night.

The carnival was great, with lights and everything. The night air had the hint of a sharp chill in it. Lestrade shivered when she heard a soft plinking sound.

Then she and Edith noticed a well a short distance away, a wishing well.

'Beth, why don't we spend our money on our Christmas wish?' Edith suggested.

'It will not come true,' Lestrade said. 'Beside, I don't want to waste my money on a wish.'

'Oh, come on, just do it for fun.'

'Okay....' Lestrade said unwillingly as she dug into her pocket for a coin and walked towards the well. Okay, since it will not come true, I will just wish nonsense, Lestrade thought. 'I wish that...'

'Stop!' Edith yelled.

'What?' Lestrade asked in irritation.

'I just wanted to remind you not to say out your wish or it won't come true.'

Lestrade sighed, closed her eyes. I wish I were a little girl again.

Plink! went the coin.

'Come on, Edith, let's go home.'

'Bye, Edith!' Lestrade waved as they went separate ways. As she walked, Lestrade started to get hot. Hot? It is not summer; it is winter! Lestrade thought as she fanned herself a little. Something was wrong. She felt that her whole body was burning....

Lestrade fainted and fell to the ground.

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