A Bad Christmas Wish

Part 3

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

'Hey, come over here! I think I found someone dead!' a police officer yelled to his partners.

Am I dead? Maybe I am dead.

'No, she's still alive!'

'Somebody call the ambulance!'

I am still alive? What a lucky woman I am.

'Hey, are you all right?'

Lestrade opened her eyes.

'Can you stand up, little girl?'

Little girl? Why do you call me that? Lestrade rubbed her forehead; then she realized that her sleeves had become too long. And so were her pants. What was going on around here?

A police officer lifted her up. 'Don't worry, we are here to protect you.' PC Weiss reported to station. 'We found a injured girl here!'

The other officer reported in his com-link. 'Age? Well, 6 to 7 years old. Her clothes are....'

Who is that officer talking about?

'Tell me where you live, little girl,' an officer said as he switched on his computer.

Lestrade frowned. 'I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL!' she yelled.

'Okay, go to the mirror and tell me what you see.'

Lestrade walked towards the mirror. She looked into it. She looked at her image in horror. What happened to my body? Lestrade had turned into...a little girl.

Lestrade looked up and saw that a window was open. So while the officers were still talking, Lestrade slipped through the window. Once she landed on the ground, she heard the officers shouting that she'd gone.

Lestrade ran around the corner and hid in a small alley just as the other officers ran past it. Okay, now I know how a wanted criminal feels, she thought as she tried to catch her breath. I cannot believe I can be so tired from running such a short distance.

She looked at her small hands. What happened to my body? she asked herself again. Lestrade tried to think back. Wait a minute! The Christmas wish! She slapped her forehead. Why'd I make such a stupid wish?

What now, Lestrade? Go back to your own house? Go to Edith's house? Or go to Holmes for help? If I go back to my own house.... She shook her head. The doorknob will probably be too high for me to reach it. If I go to Edith's house...no, she will not believe me. Well, there is only one place to go....

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