A Bad Christmas Wish

Part 1

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

Okay, some of you may not understand it, sorry! Sorry for my grammar, and all the characters are not mine.

Part 1

'Don't you think it's tiring, Holmes, working almost 24 hours a day and almost 365 days and....' Lestrade said as she drove her police cruiser. Holmes was sitting beside her and Watson sat behind them.

'Please get to the point, Lestrade,' Holmes interrupted.

'What I mean is sometimes this work is too exhausting. We even have to work during Christmas holidays.'

'Holidays are for kids.' Holmes interrupted again. She sighed.

'I know that. That's why sometime I wish I were a little girl again. I -- did you hear something?'

'Like what?' Holmes responded.



'Yes! Watson, would you mind looking out the window and telling me what you see?' Lestrade asked.

Watson looked out. 'It's a Christmas carnival!'

'A Christmas carnival? We haven't had a carnival for so many years!' Lestrade said in surprise. Maybe tomorrow, I will ask Edith to go with me. If I don't have any case that is, she thought.

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