Round Robin

Part 4

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This is great!!!!! Keep up the awesome writing. Here's part four.

Rusty looked downcast as Big Guy agreed to work with the FBI agents. He didn't really think they could do anything to help. But Big Guy had told him to cooperate, and he wasn't about to let Big Guy down.

"All right," Rusty said, drawing out the two words as he shyly looked at the two agents. The woman agent had bright red hair and big blue eyes that were focused at Rusty. The tall man looked very serious -- a lot like Lt. Dwayne looked most of the time.

"Good, son," Big Guy's booming voice said. "We should get started right away. Surveillance tapes, energy readings, biomatter remnants...."

"Actually," Agent Scully was digging around in a bag slung from one shoulder, "I could get that all done in five minutes." She held up a slim device that looked something like a pocket computer. "This is a state of the art crime scene analyzer. It scans for all manner of things." The device had a readout and a small keypad. "We should be able to eliminate several possibilities first," Agent Scully said matter-of-factly. She began to scan the lab, methodically looking for any traces of evidence.

Doggett folded his arms across his chest and looked around the room, using his own senses to try to decipher what had happened last night. Just then something caught his eye. He looked up at the ceiling, and then put a hand on Scully's arm. "Was that cracked before?" he asked.

Big Guy, Rusty, Scully, Jenny, and Dr. Donovan all looked up to where Doggett had pointed. A small crack ran for about several meters through the tiled ceiling.

"No," Donovan answered. "I never noticed it."

Rusty looked at the ceiling. "Maybe the flash of light caused the ceiling to break."

Donovan folded his arms as Jenny shifted shoulders. "That's ridiculous, Rusty; light doesn't break things."

"No," Scully began, "but this wasn't any ordinary light." Scully held out the scanner for all to see. "My readouts indicate that a huge energy surge went through this room's electrical circuits at about 10:13 last night -- the same time that Dr. Slate disappeared. Somehow, the energy caused her to vanish with absolutely no trace. I believe that she might have been transported somewhere else. Huge surges of energy have been known to warp the space-time continuum."

Big Guy and Rusty both looked at each other with growing concern.

"How are we going to find her?!" Rusty cried. "She could be anywhere!"

"Or in any time," Big Guy added.

"I noticed another thing," Doggett said. "The clock on the wall is stopped at 10:13."

"So it is," Scully said. This was beginning to show all the signs of a classic alien abduction.

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