Round Robin

Part 2

by Maureen S. O'Brien (mobrien at

Quark Tower
New Tronic City
10:09 AM

A giant silvery form dove through the clouds, revealing itself as a sleek rocketship. With impressive maneuverability, it braked, hovered, and landed on the roof of Quark Tower. A few moments later, another silvery form -- a form that could only be called small by comparison -- jetted up from a hatch in the ship, flew up to the roof access door, and stomped down the corridor to the office of Quark's CEO, Dr. Axel Donovan.

Its scanners took in the scene: Donovan with Jenny the monkey on his shoulder; two strangers, one male and one female, both in suits; and one small boy robot, his face defiant and his beltbuckle beeping out the Big Guy signal.

Big Guy's voice boomed out. "Where's the fire?"

Rusty whirled. "Big Guy!" He sighed with relief. "They didn't want me to call you. They didn't think you needed to know!"

"Know what, son?"

It took Rusty a moment to be able to say the words. "Dr. Slate's gone," he said, almost whispering. "There's nothing left of her but her glasses."

The Big Guy didn't say anything for a minute. He stomped further into the office, stopping in front of Donovan's desk so that he dwarfed him. When he did speak, his tone was cold. "What's the story?"

"Well," Donovan said ingratiatingly, "we can't be sure she's dead, exactly. But she's certainly gone."

"There was a flash of light, and Foureyes went poof. That's it," said Jenny, a little more boldly. "Nobody knows more than that."

"Not exactly your kind of case, Big Guy," said the male stranger. "That's why Dr. Donovan called us in."

The Big Guy turned to stare down at him. "And you are?"

"FBI," said the woman, a tiny frozen-faced redhead. "I'm Agent Scully; this is Agent Doggett. We were flown in suborbital from DC because we have experience with unusual crimes. We'll be investigating this case."

"You're a G-Man?" Rusty said, startled.

"G-Woman, actually." Agent Scully looked down at the boy robot, and her expression turned gentle. "I'm sorry your Dr. Slate is missing. Don't worry. Agent Doggett and I will find out why, and then we'll find her."

"Dr. Slate's my creator!" Rusty objected hotly, "and me and the Big Guy'll find out what happened to her without any of you."

Jenny laughed. "If there's anything left to find, which I...."

Rusty's expression turned despairing. The Big Guy gave Jenny a look.

" sure there will be," Jenny ended brightly.

The Big Guy turned back to the Feds. "Dr. Slate's a member of the BGY Program, which means we have the right to look for her first. We've got the equipment, and we know what kinds of things somebody might be looking for in her head."

"We got jurisdiction," Agent Doggett objected. "You and Rusty can just sit back and let us do our job."

"Well," said Jenny archly, "we are ready to rumble."

"Or," Agent Scully inserted smoothly, glancing warningly at Doggett, "we can pool our efforts and work together on this."

Rusty looked up at the Big Guy, waiting for his answer.

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