The Legend-1, Big Guy's rocketplane, is shaped like a jet engine; that's pretty much what it is. Its primary controls and cockpit chair are sized for Big Guy. It has weapons, including massive bombs ("candygrams") and lasers. There's a winch and a drill bit (which we see operated by Mack in 106). The Legend-1 also includes a bombbay door which allows Big Guy to drop out of it and a slide-back roof which can be opened from either side to allow Big Guy and Rusty to enter or exit. Legend-1 can also be put on autopilot or landed as a drone when Big Guy is not present. However, there are also sensors and seats for the Pit Crew to operate, including a duplicate 'cockpit' (well, there's a screen and a joystick!). Garth is seen flying the Legend-1 this way in ep ?. But normally the Pit Crew pilot will just sit up front in the human-sized copilot seat (as we see Jo doing in ep 106).

The Legend-2 in ep 113 is an underground drilling machine car.

The Legend Jr. in ep 118 is a tiny boyrobot-sized fighter jet including a full set of controls, an outboard motor for marine operation, weapons that include a pair of boxing gloves on extension arms, 3 tiny drag chutes, assorted grappler arms, and a few "surprises". It was designed by engineer Harley Griffin after Rusty's concept drawing.

The Epic-1 in ep 117 is a plane attached to a time engine.

'The VTOL', the Pit Crew's chase plane, looks like a cross between a seaplane and a VTOL. It has really large rotors which allow it to go up, down, and hover like a helicopter on top of high-set wings ending in two or three funky-looking fin things. It has a really high tail, too, which is also the ramp opening to the cargo bay. (Dwayne parachutes out of this in ep 108.) The plane's body is very wide compared to its length, and it has some kind of weird cabin on both sides between the wing and the rest of the fuselage (maybe the fuel tanks?). It also has a radome on top. The plane is painted army tan and white, with the weird cabin things in silver. It appears to have machine guns on the front (mounted on the sides of the cockpit). The VTOL, like the Legend-1, contains a command center console for supporting Big Guy. In ep 108, we learn that these functions also include certain remote controls for Big Guy, including override of his command grid, manual control of motor functions, and power core shutdown. Presumably the consoles on the Dark Horse and in the Legend-1 contain the same wide range of powers, probably in case Dwayne becomes incapacitated. When the rotors are in their normal position, they seem to be turboprops. There might be additional jets on the chase plane as well. Mack is seen piloting the chase plane in the 1st ep; Garth copilots for Dwayne and then pilots it in ep 108. The VTOL appears to show up in ep 110 as well, but since we see Jo, Mack and Garth on the ground in yellow hazmat suits, I have no idea who is flying the plane or lowering the winch...probably some Navy guy or BGY-11 Commission member. Anyway, that VTOL has an X'd O insignia on its tail, meaning unknown (unless it's the Big Guy insignia but not seen clearly).

The Pit Crew's truck looks like a giant humvee on giant wheels. It's about the same size as a deuce-and-a-half truck but taller.

The plane Dwayne uses to fly Dr. Slate out to the S.S. Dark Horse in ep 103 is a VTOL 2-seater jet plane that looks like a fighter...but both seats are side-by-side in the cockpit! Its wings are swept back in flight but straighten to land. The Dark Horse has been seen with at least four to six fighters on deck, although they are usually under decks when Big Guy is landing.

Quark Industries sends a round spaceship to Mars with a Martian rover on board. The ship is designed for a round trip and lands safely back on Earth. Its landing gear includes some kind of hydraulic springs.

The rockets seen in eps 107 and 121 and the shuttle in 109 all contain funky little bottom rocket things that look similar to the Delta Clipper's or possibly the Black Horse. (Modern-looking, anyway.)

Dr. Slate trains at the Frank Miller Space Center for about a day, on a centrifuge and a lung capacity thingy; Dwayne trains in the pool, practicing Big Guy assembly.

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