Uniforms and Other Clothing

It appears in this series that in the Big Guy universe, the Army Air Force never became its own separate sovereign service, but remains a part of the Army just as the Marines are part of the Navy -- or the military is much more integrated, anyway.

The biggest evidence for this is in the pilot episode, "Creatures, Great and Small". At Dwayne's medal ceremony and at Rusty's commissioning and first flight, we see General Thorton and other army brass wearing really sharp Army dress uniforms: brown Babylon 5-ish calf-length jacket, tan shirt, brown tie, dark pants, brown dress shoes, and brown cover of the WWII type.

Dwayne's dress uniform is similar but more typical of the Air Force: Santiago blue belted tunic-length jacket (2 pockets on the breast, 2 pockets below the belt), light blue shirt, black tie, black belt, blue pants, black dress shoes, and blue cover (again of WWII type). One shot of people's backs reveals that white gloves are also part of the ensemble. There also seems to be at least two female Army Air Force members; their uniform is a Santiago blue tunic-length jacket with no belt but two lower pockets, purple blouse with a round neck, and blue calf-length skirt.

(I would say right out that Dwayne is an Air Force guy on detached duty at the BGY-11 program, but again and again we hear (even from Dr. Neugog in the third ep) that Dwayne is a tanker as well as a pilot. You can't be a tanker unless you're in the Army; nor would the Army design its dream tank to be flown by non-Army pilots. (Of course, they really didn't plan on that....) Finally and oddly, Dwayne is often referred to as a 'soldier' (though this might just be a General Thorton thing). So Dwayne might be in the Air Force or Army Air Force and just have received lots of crosstraining in preparation for his job on the program.)

Regular Army fatigues seem to be the standard army green battle dress of today. (There are probably differences, but I can't pick 'em out.) The helmets are a cross between WWII and futuristic, and some sort of harness seems to be worn. Also, they get goggles. At least one tanker seems to be wearing a white scarf under his shirt, and the collars look like Chinese ones.

Dwayne's BDUs seem to be a tan shirt, brown or black tie, tan baggy pants, brown belt, brown bomber jacket, and brown shoes. His flight suit is an army green belted coverall with a Chinese-looking collar, a Lensman-ish breast, and harness straps. Presumably it's made of Nomex or something similar. He also has a helmet with radio in it. In "The Inside Out", we see Dwayne's exercise clothes: an army brown sleeveless undershirt and Santiago blue tights with white outer seams -- perhaps what's worn under his flight suit, since he had just gotten back from being immobilized.

The Pit Crew must be part of the military, since Dwayne once insists on military courtesy from them and Mack yells during the pilot ep that "We're gonna be court-martialed!" Anyway, the BGY-11 Maintenance Team uniform is: baggy tan jacket with the Big Guy logo on the left breast, baggy tan pants with yellow piping or fluorescent tape around bottoms, white sleeveless undershirt, brown belt (worn by Jo and Garth in the most baggy and unbuckled way possible), white hightops (the old-fashioned kind) and tan baseball hat with the logo on it (worn only by Mack). Garth has skinny sunglasses. Jo apparently never wears the jacket except in the general's office in "The Inside Out". Dwayne also wears the cap and jacket for a goodly time in this ep.

Other Clothing

At work Dr. Slate always wears an open white thigh-length labcoat, a light pink/coral shirt, a black above-the-knee (but below the labcoat) skirt, dark gray hose and strappy black high heels (the kind you can walk in). Her hair is in a loose ponytail with a purple/gray tie around it. Her lipstick's some kind of dark pink color. Her glasses have gold frames. (After "Moon Madness" she wears a new but identical-looking pair.)

Dr. Donovan wears a long blue coat, blue pants, white shirt, mauve vest, black tie, triangular gold collar pins, and tan scarf.

At the Stockholder's Ball, Jenny wore a blue gown and Mimi-blue eyeshadow.

On the street men tend to wear hats, although this is not always true. Jackets usually are long. Women usually don't wear hats, though.

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