Truth or Dare

Part E

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Harry sat up straight and swallowed but before Wiggins could say anything Mary suddenly stood up.

"Okay, I don't know about you guys but I'm starved. And thirsty. Soooo I think we'll take a short break and I'll bring some snacks and some sodas. Okay?"

Everybody nodded emphatically, and Mary walked to the door. Unfortunately when she opened it there was a brick wall in front of it. "Hey!"

"I told you precautions had to be taken," Snape hissed from his corner. "What do you need?"

"Food and drink, you slimy git!" Mary answered hotly, even though she had never called anyone a slimy git before. It was just the correct description of the greasy Potions Master. He shrugged and waved his wand. A round table appeared in the middle of the circle, and everyone was seated in chairs. Mary went to the empty chair and sat down in it. Food and drink appeared on the table shortly after that, and once everyone had eaten their fill they started again.

"All right, Harry...Truth or Dare?"

"Er...dare..." Harry answered.

"Okay, I dare you to...uh...I don't know, run around the room and proclaim that you're a mad dog."

A muffled snort came from the corner where Snape was at. He had obviously started paying attention. "I believe you have gotten him confused with his godfather."

Harry glared over at Snape and then stood up and ran around the room. However, instead of proclaiming that he was a mad dog, he proclaimed that he was a greasy, slimy git of a mad dog otherwise known as Severus Snape. Of course, since he used the words 'mad dog' it counted, and everybody laughed.

Harry grinned and sat back down, ignoring Snape's harsh comment about taking fifty points from Gryffindor. "Okay, Ron, truth or dare?"


"Okay...I dare you Hermione," he stopped and looked over at Mary who was pantomiming, "er..on the lips...for... huh? Oh, for five seconds."

Ron's ears turned as red as his hair, and so did Hermione's cheeks. Her cheeks turned as red as Ron's hair, that is. Ron leaned over and kissed Hermione as Deidre and Mary counted to five. There was quite a bit of girlish giggling that followed.

"Mary," Lestrade suddenly asked, "How old are you?"


"Oh. Well, could you please act your age. It's one thing having to listen to Deidre, but...."

Mary just grinned and stuck out her tongue. "This coming from someone takes uncommon pleasure in the destruction of public and private property."

There were quite a few chuckles after that comment, and Ron turned to Hermione, still bright red, and asked, "Truth or Dare?"


"Did you ever er...have a dream where you went to school naked?"

Hermione shook her head. "No, but that wouldn't be as embarrassing as going without my homework. I did dream about that once." She shuddered at the memory, the blinked when she realized everyone was staring at her. She cleared her throat and turned to Frodo. "Truth or Dare?"


"Did that Gollum creature really bite your finger off?" It wasn't really an appropriate question, but Hermione's curiosity was too great to think about that.

Frodo held up his right hand, showing the missing place. Everybody oohed and awed and made sympathetic noises. Then Frodo turned to Mary. "All things come full circle. Truth or dare?"

"Well, I'm feeling truthful, so...dare!"

Frodo smiled. "Very well. I dare you to strip down naked and run around the room singing a song of your choice."

Mary's eyes widened and she gaped at him. "No way."

"You do know the alternative?" Moriarty said, sounding gleeful. Everybody else seemed to be enjoying her discomfiture as well. Oh well, I suppose it is fair, considering how much she enjoyed theirs.

Then she stood up and sighed. "I hate you, you know, Frodo Baggins." She walked over to Snape who had heard the dare, but didn't know what the 'alternative' was. Hence he was exceedingly surprised when she opened her arms wide and exclaimed, "I love you with all my heart, Severus Snape. I will cherish you for all my days and be yours forever!"

At that moment, Mary gasped and woke up. Man, what a dream! Thank goodness she hadn't really done that. Maybe it would have been better if she had stripped down. Oh well, it was just a dream. She turned her head and sat up suddenly. In the middle of her room was a round table with thirteen chairs.

The End...or is it? Muahahahahahahhahaha

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