Truth or Dare

Part D

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Heh. Here's the next part.

Watson cleared his throat and looked away from the others and mumbled to Holmes, "Truth or Dare?" hoping to get the attention off of him.

"Dare," Holmes answered promptly (a little too promptly, if you ask me...but of course you didn't, so I guess it doesn't matter. Anyway, he chose 'dare' so I better come up with one, or rather Watson had better come up with one....and here it is.).

"Hm. Then...I dare you to..." Watson looks around desperately for help. "Say, Mary, what are these dares supposed to be about?"

Mary grinned evilly and moved to whisper in his ear. Watson's eyes widened and he nodded. "Oh, yes, I see. Holmes, I dare you to stand up and sing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' at the top of your lungs in a Texas drawl while jumping up and down on one leg and wearing this." He held up a large nightgown Mary had stolen from her mom and handed it to him. Holmes just raised an eyebrow and slipped the gown over his head.

The next few minutes were rather hysterical as Holmes performed his dare. Really hysterical. In fact, it was so funny and chaotic that I can't even describe it. (So there.) It took about two minutes for everyone to calm down and then Holmes turned to Lestrade. (So far, only one hour of the forty-eight had been taken up.) "Truth or Dare, Lestrade?"

"Truth," Lestrade answered promptly. (A little too promptly if you ask me...wait a minute, didn't I already go through this? Oh, well. She said 'truth' and there it is.)

"Is it true that the person you went to the senior prom with ended up in the emergency room?"

"Yes, but he got fresh!"

"Really?" Mary questioned, "I never went to my prom. Just another beauty pageant is all it is. I had more fun with all my friends going out to a movie and PuttPutt afterwards." When everyone just stared at her, she shrugged. "I don't know it just seemed an appropriate moment to bring that up. Carry on, Lestrade; 'tis your turn to ask."

"Uh huh." Lestrade turned to Deidre and asked the same question all of them had asked.

"Truth, I think," Deidre said.

"All right," Lestrade said with a grin, "Isn't it true that you have a major crush on Helton Paine the Third and just pretend not to like him?"

Deidre went bright red at this and sighed. She mumbled something only Tennyson with his enhanced hearing, and Frodo with his hobbit hearing could understand. Of course no one really had to understand, considering the fact that her face told the entire story. So they all took pity on her and let her go ahead and ask Wiggins "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare," Wiggins answered, "We haven't had enough of those."

"Okay then, Mary, do we have to say the dare out loud to where everyone can hear?"

", but you do have to tell at least three other people. Or it doesn't count. I'll pick the people you have to tell. Let me see. Harry, Frodo and....Moriarty. Oh yeah, and you do have to tell Wiggins, of course."

"All right, then." Deidre stood up and whispered into Harry's, Frodo's and Moriarty's ears. They all grinned and shook their heads. Then she whispered into Wiggins' ear and he cried out.

"No way! That's too embarrassing!"

"You know what the alternative is, don't you?" Deidre said with a grin.

"Fine." Wiggins stood up and went over and knelt in front of Lestrade. He started singing, "Good morning beautiful, how was your night, mine was wonderful with you by my side, when I open my eyes and see your sweet face, it's a good morning beautiful day." His face was flushed from embarrassment as he moved back to his spot, muttering something about telling Helton Payne. Then he turned to Tennyson who pressed a couple of keys.

"Okay," Wiggins said, "Is it true that you still sleep with your security blanket?"

Tennyson emphatically shook his head in the negative and pointed back at Wiggins, who went even redder than he already was. "Uh, hehe, uh...well, ask Harry now."

I don't know how long this is going to be...I'm really having fun with this. I can tell you that someone will feel that their dare is way more embarassing than the alternative....

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