Truth or Dare

Part C

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

After she had pronounced the game and the rules everybody was still looking at her blankly. "What?"

"We have to tell him," Hermione said, pointing to Snape, "that we love him if we don't go through with the dare?"

"Uh, yeah, Hermione...."

"Excuse me? But if we're going to play a game like this, don't we all need to know each others' names?" Beth Lestrade pointed out.

Mary frowned at her. "Well, duh! Of course we do. So introduce yourselves!"

So they all did, with much raised eyebrows on Hermione's part when Frodo and Holmes and Moriarty and Lestrade and Watson introduced themselves. They were of course fictional characters to her. They would have been for Harry and Ron, but they had never read The Lord of the Rings or Sherlock Holmes. Anyway, Hermione almost refused to play with what she considered not real characters and was only convinced when Mary showed her that she and Harry and Ron were fictional as well. At least in Mary's world.

"So now we sit in a circle?" Frodo asked, sitting down on the beige carpet of Mary's room. Mary nodded and sat down beside him, a slight blush on her face. The others sat down in this order: Moriarty on Mary's right (Frodo was on the left, but you knew that had to be by default right? so I don't even know why I put this little note in), Watson on Moriarty's right, Holmes on Watson's right, Lestrade on Holmes' right, Deidre on Lestrade's right, Wiggins on Deidre's right, Tennyson on Wiggins' right, Harry on Tennyson's right, Ron on Harry's right and Hermione in between Ron and Frodo.

"Okay, I'm going to start off. We'll go in uh...hang on, I've got to figure out my directions...okay, counterclockwise order. Moriarty, Truth or Dare?"

Moriarty cleared his throat. "Truth. of course."

Lestrade snorted. "Of course. Because he doesn't know how to tell it."

Moriarty looked hurt. "Why, Lestrade. I'm hurt."

"Okay, you guys, that's enough. Okay. Is it true that uh... you'reinlovewithlestrade?"

"Excuse me? I did not quite catch that." He wasn't the only one who hadn't. Tennyson, in fact, was the only one who had and his eyes were very wide in his face.

" should learn how to listen," Mary said in annoyance as she scooted a bit closer to Frodo and eyed Lestrade warily before asking the question slower. "I said: 'Are. You. In. Love. With. Lestrade?"

Moriarty stared at her with a menacing scowl. "I most certainly am not. There is no such thing as being in love with someone when they do not love you back."

This answer of course brought chokes from Wiggins, Watson, and Deidre, an incredulous beeping from Tennyson, an embarrassed groan from Lestrade, and bit of a chuckle from Holmes, which earned him a glare from Moriarty and a punch in the arm from Lestrade. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Frodo just looked on in silence while Mary was smugly smiling.

"Your turn, Moriarty. You ask Watson."

Moriarty turned to Watson, still angry from the last question. "Truth or Dare?"

"Hm...I think...truth," Watson answered.

"Very well. Is it true that you cannot power down at night without your teddy bear?" (Yes, I know, Watson doesn't have a teddy bear, but...well, just go along, okay?)

Watson blushed. "Oh my...I well...yes!" he answered, and put his face in his hands. EVERYONE in the room (except, of course for Snape, who was gloating over marking several things off of the Gryffindor papers. Of course, they weren't as many points as he liked to make them think. He wasn't really a bad guy...just misunderstood) stared at Watson, most with pity, a few with amusement and Moriarty with disgust.

To be continued...mostly because I've run out of ideas at the moment. If you want to add a part or even join in the fun... feel free.

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