General Thorton

General Thorton is the head of the BGY Commission. He's a tanker something like Patton but with more sense, equally at ease in the field, at his desk, or in the briefing room. He seems to have a good practical knowledge of science, or at least of how to make scientists explain themselves clearly. He knows what technology is for -- to defend humanity and his country, in that order. He is ruthlessly practical about implementing whatever plan seems to make sense for the situation at hand and will let no personal loyalties stand in his way -- though he will apologize sincerely afterward.

    We learn very little about the general over the course of the series -- not even his first name. He does seem to have a certain degree of personal respect for Lieutenant Hunter and Dr. Slate (a very horrified respect in 126!). He is rather dismayed by Rusty and excludes him from nearly every dicey mission. But after Earl's earlier performance, the general takes steps to help and protect Rusty by ordering Earl to obey Rusty and dressing him down severely when Earl attempts to refuse (121).

    One suspects that Thorton and Zed (from MIB) are alternate world doubles.

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