Rusty the Boy Robot (v.2.3.1)

Rusty has a very sunny and persistent personality. He likes to help people (and aliens), and usually tries to give people a second or third chance. He would never harm a human (whom he regards as delicate creatures, what with pain receptors and all). However, it is not advisable to mess with Rusty. It may take a while, but he does make evildoers pay. All in all, Rusty is proud to be a robot and a darned good robot at that.

Rusty's favorite phrases include:

  • Ready and rarin' to go!
  • Power up -- Blast off!
  • Hypersonic!
  • I'm a pretty darned good robot.
  • No pain receptors!
  • Sure-as-shootin'.
  • This is no darned good.

Rusty's equipment includes:

  • Nucleo-protonic power pack in chest (powers him and his index-finger blasters)
  • Nucleo-protonic logic circuit (112)
  • Memory core
  • Nucleo-protonic index finger blasters
  • Radio in head (communicates mainly with Dr. Slate and Big Guy)
  • Flashlights in eyes (107)
  • Universal translator software (110)
  • S-23 codebreaking chip (116)
  • P-55 chip -- developed by Dr. Slate (116, 123)
  • Hypersonic jets in boots -- also a weapon
  • Emergency battery (activates automatically after power shuts off for 30 seconds)
  • Human emotion grid chip (and a spare)
  • Tracer in body

    Rusty is the brainchild of Dr. Erika Slate but a product of Quark Industries (which holds the patent on his innards). He was designed to be Earth's new "last line of defense", with software, weaponry, construction and power source all more advanced, efficient and effective than the Big Guy's all in a smaller, faster, more aerodynamic package.

    However, Rusty was also designed by Dr. Slate to be a true artificial intelligence who learned from experience as a human would, with human emotion grids which were designed to mature just as gradually. This is considerably safer for the human race than some of the project's Early Prototypes (like the EP-327, best known for decapitating Big Guy in a fit of pique). Unfortunately, greater future scope must be paid for by immaturity and inexperience in the present. Rusty was deployed as Earth's sole defender long before he was ready, and soon Big Guy had to be recommissioned. The Army decided that Rusty should be partnered with Big Guy, who would provide on-the-job training in combat techniques and good judgement.

    This suited Rusty to a T. Big Guy was Rusty's hero and role model, and Rusty never wanted to see him put in a museum. Before Rusty ever met the Big Guy, he had already memorized all the Big Guy's 'classic moves'. Helping out his idol and learning from him is Rusty's dream come true; failing him is the one thing guaranteed to make Rusty feel depressed. Since Big Guy is also the only other good intelligent robot Rusty knows, Big Guy is also his only reference for how to live as himself and not an imitation human. Rusty frequently flies out to the S.S. Dark Horse to see and talk to the Big Guy, whether he is in shutdown mode or not. (Rusty finds it hard to remember that Big Guy isn't always on.) Rusty has had some close calls, but is still totally unaware that Big Guy is nothing but a fancy exo-suit with a pilot -- and all the cleared adults around him intend to keep it that way.

    The most important human in Rusty's life is his engineer, Dr. Slate. She is his mother in all but biology and name, and he is her little boy; they love each other. He goes to her with all his questions and concerns (of which there are many). Rusty wishes she were not so busy so that she could play and talk with him whenever he wanted. But since he can fly off at a moment's notice whenever the Big Guy signal calls, the honors are pretty well even. Rusty would also like it if he could stay up past his powerdown time; websurf and play videogames whenever he wanted; get her to build him an upgraded body, tougher-looking weapons, and cool vehicles and helpers; and get a robot brother or friend to play with. But he knows the chances of any of this happening are very small -- small enough to make him detect an impostor-Slate by having her agree to such things!

    Rusty also knows, likes and trusts "Lieutenant Dwayne", the Big Guy's chief mechanic. He keeps showing up in the darndest places, like the time he got caught working inside Big Guy and had to eject in the middle of New Tronic City, or the time he was working in the back of the Legend-2 when the Big Guy was the only one publicly acknowledged to be journeying back in time. But he's nicer than the rest of the Pit Crew about letting Rusty talk to Big Guy whenever he wants, he let Rusty stay at his nephew Jeffy's birthday party, and he's very good at predicting what the Big Guy will and won't mind. Beyond that, Rusty has believed since the third episode that Lieutenant Dwayne and Dr. Slate are going steady. Rusty is in favor of this as long as he never has to see them kiss. (Ew!)

    Rusty also likes and trusts Garth, Jo, and Mack, and vice versa (usually). Rusty has a special affection for Mack despite his rough tongue. When Rusty was flying solo as Russ, Mack was his chief mechanic and saved his bacon. Rusty was elated at this evidence that Mack really did care.

    Rusty respects General Thorton. He dislikes and is a little scared of Dr. Donovan and Jenny (though she was originally just the 'pretty monkey' to him) since Dr. Slate is the only one who stands between him and Donovan's power of life and death over Quark robots. Rusty is a trusting soul, and liked Dr. Gilder, Earl, Pierre, and Dr. Griffin until they showed their true colors. Jeffy is his buddy, but lives far away. Most of the Quark scientists seem to like Rusty and regard him as a mascot, but like Dr. Slate they are generally far too busy to play. However, when Rusty meets Big Guy's creator Dr. Poindexter, he also immediately asks if he can consider Poindexter his grandfather and is delighted to be told yes.

    Rusty has his own room in a small office above Dr. Slate's lab. It contains a tv and videogame, a desk, framed posters of Big Guy, and numerous shelves for Rusty's books, games and toys. The room can be entered from the hallway or by the internal stairs up from the lab.

    From Columbia Tristar's Spanish language site:

    "Ready and rarin' to go!" Created by Doctor Erika Slate as an experimental almost-human prototype based on nucleo-protonics, Rusty is a robot of little more than a meter in height with human emotions and the spirit of a 7 year-old boy. Loaded with the highest technology (though he still doesn't know how to fight with it yet), the clasp of his belt ignites when energized, he shoots lasers from his fists, flies, has replaceable parts, powerful atomic weaponry, and an endo-skeleton under his skin. A small superhero, Rusty's machinery is more advanced than Big Guy's -- he is a force worth reckoning. Rusty totally idolizes Big Guy as the great hero "robot" (without knowing the truth) and it enchants him to be beside him in his adventures, hoping to acquire experience. Always active and enthusiastic, Rusty the Boy Robot has artificial intelligence but trusts "learning" more than using his direct programming.

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