The Missing Legionnaire


by Septima (RaizalG at

"Personal Log - M Anderson - 09/16/2004

"I've arrived in New Tronic City without much incident. However, I'm shocked to learn that my favourite Decoy, DCY-59, has met her end at the claws of a Legion bot. The very fact that the Legion Ex Machina has returned, for the most part, from the dead has me worried. Ever since they learned of my talent, the Legion has been trying to recruit me in their war against humanity. I'm afraid if they ever found out that I'm just a human midget who owns a high-tech exo-skeleton, the Legionaires would pull out all the stops to kill me and may eventually succeed.

"I also can't believe how stupid Dr. Donovan is. One would expect a guy who'd bought shares in a business would check out available information on its owners. I mean, he sends me a request for a meeting of the shareholders of Anderson Technologies (all four of them), and then tried to throw me, the major stockholder, in jail for trespassing when I arrived at Quark's. I even showed him the invitation, for Chrissakes.

"Psycho-electric scans of the incident scene have confirmed my suspicions about the Big Guy's secret factor, and revealed his new partner's safeguards. It also revealed the fact that the Legion has gotten ahold of my psionic shielding technology. I wonder how they managed that, since I can detect any unshielded electronics with 100 yards of me and I usually sleep in my office.

"Notes to Self: replace exo-skeleton and talk to Septima about the Legion's revival and the leak. After I get out of here."

Dr. M Anderson clicked off her recorder and looked around her makeshift cell. It looked like the bedroom of a 10-year old boy, except this room didn't have a bed and had a reinforced steel door and a bunch of electronics better suited to a research facility. She also noted the neon pink glows surrounding the bugs she found and neutralized with her telemechanic gift. M picked up a nearby BGY-11 action figure, hugged it tightly as the child she resembled would do, and began to softly weep for her fallen friend.

"Oh, Megan, what will I do without you?" M sobbed, unaware that the doll she held was monitoring the entire scene. "You were the best of my creations, my 59th Decoy, and the truest friend I ever had."

The eyes of the doll blinked three times before the glow faded from them, leaving M alone for the first time that night.


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