Mack is the crusty old veteran of the Big Guy Maintenance Team -- or as they always call it, the Pit Crew. (If his rank isn't chief master sergeant, I'd be surprised.) Like the others, he's also a pilot and has been seen piloting the VTOL.

    Mack's clothes always have greasestains and he always wears both his jacket and a matching baseball cap. Mack is gruff, sarcastic, and sometimes just plain rude. But he's also smart and has a kind heart, as Rusty found out during his brief solo stint with Mack as his chief mechanic (111). But Dwayne and the Pit Crew already knew. We see Mack in a sociable mood once, at the diner with Griffin and Dwayne (118).

    Translated from Columbia Tristar's Spanish language distribution site:

    Member of the Big Guy Maintenance Team. Mack has a craggy face; around 50 years old; a type that recalls the personality of Eeyore -- always seeing the bad side.

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