Jenny in testing goggles

Jenny the Monkey

Jenny is a mystery character. We don't know anything about her background, other than the obvious fact that she is a monkey who can talk (probably thanks to Quark Industries R&D). She is nearly always found riding Dr. Donovan's shoulder or doing some menial task for him. Outside Quark, her existence is little-known. But inside Quark, Jenny is a force to be feared: Donovan's chief aide, adviser, and hatchetmonkey. While she spends a good deal of time sucking up to "Dr. D", her sharp tongue does not spare him, either. But her skills also include considerable marketing ability and shrewdness. Donovan's success probably owes a great deal to her, and if he would listen to her more, he would probably not make all the mistakes he does.

Jenny's top priority is her own survival, period. If she thinks one of Dr. D's plans seems dangerous, she'll say so. If in danger there's a choice between sticking with Dr. D or sending him off as a decoy, she'll pick the latter every time. Beyond that, she is loyal to Donovan in her own fashion, if only because his interests are necessarily her own. She is also interested in her own comfort, her own possessions, and making money for Quark.

But Jenny is not passive. We saw in her cioppino soupmaking in 123 that she does in fact follow up on threats like the ones she made in 1? and 116. She is quick on the uptake, resourceful, and was of great help to Big Guy and Dr. Slate in eps 123 and 124.

Jenny also apparently has a fashion side (unless it was all Donovan's idea); she wore a blue gown and Mimi-like blue eyeshadow in 115.

Maybe someday Jenny will come into her own as a simian force for good. Then again, maybe not.

    Translated from Columbia Tristar's Spanish-language site:

    Jenny is a 30-year-old simian, with the gift of speech. Confused? Well, it's enough to say that Quark Industries is a vast complex, where all kinds of experiments are made. Jenny is Donovan's aide; she always does the work -- Jenny is generally ahead of Donovan himself, though job discretion dictates that she must let HIM take the credit for ALL ideas, as if they were his. Whereas nobody inside Quark bats an eye at Jenny's presence or when she speaks, it does not follow that her talents are known by those who live outside Quark's walls.

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