How We Got Together

Part 4

by Zera

"Easy for him to say," Mack joked. "If the ship is under attack, how will we get her off it? The planes and helicopter are topside where the danger is."

"Ah, umm, guys, that might not be our only problem," Erika whispered. She held her belly.

"What, Erika?" Garth asked.

"I just had a contraction." Erika said, trying to get up.

"And how long have you been having them for?" Mack asked, as Jo ran to Erikaís side.

"Off and on, 3 hours," Erika smiled loosely as she was helped to a chair.

"Right," Garth nodded. "Dwayne did mention that, how far apart are they now?"

"That was the worst one so far." Erika tried to get comfortable.

Jo left Erikaís side and went to the computer. "Dwayne, we can't move Erika; her contractions are getting too painful for her."

"Call the ship's doctor," Dwayne responded. "Iíll try to get the trouble away from the ship."

"Doctorís off on leave," Jo reported as she took Erika into the bunkroom.

"Take care of her, guys; she is my whole world." Dwayne smiled, knowing that Erika was in good hands

"We'll try," Mack grumbled as he turned off the monitor, hearing Erika cry out loud. "Ever delivered a baby, Garth?" Mack asked as they walked towards the bunkroom.

"Nope." Garth shook his head.

"We're going to do this blind, I guess," Jo told them as she held the doctor's hand.

I am sorry it's so short!

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