How We Got Together

Part 3

by Zera

Later That Night

Erika, Dwayne, Jo, Mack and Garth sat on the flight deck of the S.S. Dark Horse. Everyone was watching the stars and talking about different things, mostly about the upcoming babies.

"So what are you guys going to do about the baby?" Mack asked as he smoked his pipe.

"What do you mean, Mack?" Erika drew her attention away from the stars shining in the sky.

"Sure, you can have your time off after the babies are born, but what about Dwayne? He's needed to save the world at all times."

"Poor Dwayne," Jo joked as she sat on the boat railing.

"Are you wanting to go swimming tonight?" Dwayne asked as he took Jo by her waist.

"Hey, let me go!" Jo jumped off the railing.

"I don’t know, Mack. I only get to see Dwayne on the weekends, anyway," Erika said as she played with her wedding ring.

Erika and Dwayne decided to marry after the night they spent at the hotel. They had been able to find a Justice of the Peace and were married in the small town they were stuck in.

"We’re working something out. Maybe Rusty can help her out on the weekdays and I can help out on the weekends," Dwayne suggested.

"Sounds like a plan -- a temp, but it is one anyway." Erika took Dwayne’s hand.

"At least you have one," Mack pointed out. "Getting late. You better get the missus home."

"Good idea." Dwayne took Erika in his arms. "Say good night, dear."

"Good night, guys," Erika nodded as she and Dwayne began to leave.

"I’ll be back in a while," Dwayne told his Pit Crew as he took off with Erika.

"Are you going to take Rusty?" Jo asked.

"No, let him stay with the Big Guy tonight," Dwayne explained.

7 months later

"Dwayne, hand me the screwdriver," Jo asked as she adjusted the new gun on to the Big Guy.

It was late at night. The Pit Crew supervised, but Erika was trying to get the gun into the Big Guy’s system before any real trouble hit.

"Here, and hand me the screws, will ya, Mack?" Dwayne demanded as he helped Jo with the gun.

As the crew tried to work on the gun, the Big Guy signal went off.

"Where, and of what importance?" Dwayne asked Garth, who was already checking it out.

"Outside," Garth replied as he got a picture of the outside on the screen.

Outside, a robot the size of two Big Guys put together was attacking the SS Dark Horse.

"Better get suited up, Dwayne," Erika smiled as she placed her hand on her nine-months-pregnant belly.

Dwayne nodded as he ran to the Big Guy. Once inside and powered up, he looked to the Pit Crew. "Get Erika off the ship." With that the Big Guy took off.

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