The Fort

The Fort is tasked with defending New Tronic City, supporting Big Guy and Rusty, and the like. It seems to be located on high ground above New Tronic City's harbor, in approximately the same position as the Presidio of San Francisco. Quark Tower

The largest building in the Fort is a gigantic hangar, with a defended landing field on top and another couple of hangars, one used to contain captured enemy robots and the other containing tanks and planes.

In this view of the top of the hangar, you can see the Quark Tower in the background behind the gun emplacement. General Thorton's office is at the top of the wing closest to the harbor.

General Thorton's office contains a desk with paper trays and personal computer/communication screen, two flags (one the alternate world circled star on three red and two white stripes, and one a conventional US flag), a pretty neo-Gothic window overlooking the landing field on top of the big Fort hangar, and a full set of samurai armor. All this is seen in ep 1. In ep 108, we see that it also contains a coffeemaker and supplies on a rolling tray table to his right, a bomb on a shelf next to the armor, a tattered 13-star American flag in a case on the wall, and a set of two straight Japanese swords. There are also three framed pictures of leaves and a plain white and brown Chinese vase. Not an ego wall guy, apparently; the only reference to himself is a simple case hung on the wall which contains a cavalry sword, four medals, and something I can't identify. Over his desk there is another case containing a brace of pistols and some other stuff. The general also has a blotter and pen set on his desk and some kind of computer screen set into his wall -- perhaps for climate control.

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