S.S. Dark Horse

No, it's not the U.S.S. Dark Horse. It's the S.S. Dark Horse, and has been since the original comics. Why? We don't know, but if you're defending the whole world, perhaps the world feels more comfortable being defended (and having their waters occupied) by a civilian merchant ship rather than a military vessel -- even if that vessel is staffed entirely by U.S. Navy and other military personnel.

The Dark Horse is an aircraft carrier that looks like an old flattop of WWII vintage. She is tasked with carrying the BGY-11 "Big Guy", his rocketplane, the Legend 1, and all the other vehicles needed to support the BGY-11 Program, including the team's VTOL Osprey. The ship also carries a small complement of VTOL fighter planes and Greyhound transports.

The tower thing is called the "superstructure". The big deck on top is called the "flight deck". The next deck down is called the "hangar deck". After that you get into 2nd deck (where the pilots are housed, the medical stuff is, the messes and Marine quarters are), 3rd deck, 4th deck and so on. For more information about carriers, try the U.S.S. Hornet or the U.S. Navy.

In this picture, we can see the Legend 1 in its cradle/launcher, emerging from the elevator of Hangar Bay 2. However, this is an early concept drawing. The carrier is clearly a modern one from its superstructure, and the Pit Crew's VTOL has a huge radome and doesn't look much like an Osprey.

The Big Guy's Hangar Bay

The Big Guy lives in his own hangar, which for security reasons never has its walls opened. This hangar contains all the Big Guy's small equipment and spare parts, as well as housing the Pit Crew's ready room (and possibly the Pit Crew).

Visitors (Screencap by Kaetlin, from "The Champ"). You can see the door to the Pit Crew's ready room.

Hangar Bay 2, Legend 1

The Legend 1 waits in its cradle in Hangar Bay 2. (You can see the number on the wall.)

Lt. Hunter's Quarters

Dwayne's quarters are somewhere on the ship. From the size of the place shown at the end of "Double Time Part 1", he probably occupies the In-Port cabin, which is a suite usually used by the captain while in port or by visiting VIPs during voyages. It includes a galley and a "Secrets Room" for keeping classified materials.

Production drawings from the Big Guy and Rusty official website, by way of _____.

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