Chat Room Romance

Part 2

by Lady Ragnall

Erika lurked for a few minutes before striking up a conversation with a person called Maya. They exchanged a few pleasantries and we're soon in conversation with two other people. She found herself having fun until one of the guys in the room began to be rude to her and was talking ungentleman-like. After trying to ignore him and continue her conversation with Maya he really became abusive. Instead of arguing back she decided to leave instead until she noticed someone taking up for her.

Zorro: "Hey buddy that's no way to treat a lady."

SuperJock: "Who are you?

Zorro: "Just somebody who thinks you're a real jerk."

SuperJock: "Me and the lady were having a conversation so why don't you just mind your own business."

Zorro: "I didn't notice her talking back so why don't you take the hint and leave her alone."

By then, others started to join in and take up where this stranger was leaving off. A few minutes later the conversation was reported to the chat room moderator who threw the annoying man out.

JaneAusten: "Thank you Zorro."

Zorro: "It was nothing. No one has a right to be that rude to you or anyone else for that matter."

JaneAusten: "Well thanks anyway. I'm kind of new to all of this and his attitude was really unexpected."

Zorro: "Hey that makes two of us."

JaneAusten: "Really?"

Zorro: "Yeah. I don't get online much and decided on a whim to do this. You?"

JaneAusten: "Much the same. I had a really bad day at work. I swear my boss has to be the most annoying man."

Zorro: "Sorry to hear that. I have had days like that myself. Annoying bosses can be a real pain."

JaneAusten: "Yes they can. Well I guess I better run along. I have a busy day tomorrow. It was nice meeting you."

Zorro: "Same here. Maybe we'll get to meet again sometime."

JaneAusten: "Maybe so. See you later. J"

Zorro: "Bye."

Unbeknownst to each other, they exited the room at the same time. Both were quite satisfied with the way the night had gone, each hoping that maybe they would run into each other again.


It was a couple of nights later when Dwayne entered the chat room again. He looked around but saw no sign of the mysterious JaneAusten. Deciding to lurk a little bit, he wasn't paying attention to the screen when she appeared.

JaneAusten: "Hello, Zorro."

JaneAusten: "Are you here?"

JaneAusten: "Well I guess I'll talk to you next time. I've got to go. Bye."

Dwayne popped back in just as she was exiting. "No! Dang it! I missed her."


Erika clicked out, wondering if she had been foolish trying to talk to him again. He obviously didn't remember her. Maybe she should not try to talk to him next time. He had, after all, been helping her the other night, and probably was just being polite when he said that he might like to talk to her again.


A few nights later she entered the chat room again. She noticed he was there but decided to not speak to him. Erika's heart did a flip when he spoke up instead.

Zorro: "Hey there, JaneAusten. Sorry about the other night."

JaneAusten: "That's ok. I wasn't on for long."

Zorro: "How's work going? Is your boss still being hard on you?"

JaneAusten: "Pretty good actually."

JaneAusten: "No not lately."

Zorro: "That's good. Glad to hear it."

JaneAusten: "So?"

Zorro: "So?"

JaneAusten: "LOL! Jinx!"

Zorro: "What was that for?"

JaneAusten: "I'm not sure exactly but I've seen people say it when they repeat each other's thoughts unintentionally."

Zorro: "Ok."

Zorro: "So can I ask you a question?"

JaneAusten: "Yes."

Zorro: "Why do you call yourself JaneAusten?"

JaneAusten: "Because I love to read the books by the same author. You know Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility.... Why do you call yourself Zorro?"

Zorro: "I loved to watch the old tv series as a child. I used to drive my little sister nuts waving my stick around as if it were a sword."

JaneAusten: "LOL! I bet you were cute."

Zorro: "Well my mom didn't think so when I broke her favorite vase on the coffee table. LOL!"

She laughed back with him. The two of them continued to talk for hours into the morning about their lives. They conversed as if they had known each other all along, both willing for some unknown reason to open up to each other. So began a nightly ritual of chatting with one another. Eventually they exchanged IM names and addresses; they never talked with anyone else in the chat room anymore so it was more convenient to just look for each other online.


Dwayne decided that he had to meet this woman who had brightened his life in such a way. He could hardly believe it when she had agreed to meet him for a cup of coffee. Garth had already returned and Jo had just got back. Since Mack wouldn't be leaving till the next day, they had both agreed to meet this evening.

He stopped off at a little flower shop and got a bouquet of springtime flowers for her. She had told him that she would be waiting at the table by the window and reading a book.

Arriving at the coffee shop his eyes did a double take as he noticed Slate was sitting at one of the tables by the window. By then she had noticed him as well and by the look on his face was equally shocked.

"Hey there, Doc. You, uh, waiting for somebody?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am. How are you, Lieutenant?"

"I'm fine. Staying busy."

"Yeah, me too."

"So I take it you are meeting somebody too?" she asked, nodding towards the flowers in his hand.

"Yeah, I was, but it looks like she's not going to show. Here, why don't you take them instead?"

"Thanks. It looks like my date is a no show too. I guess I'll be running along. I've got an early meeting with Donovan in the morning."

"Sure, ok. I'll see you around. Tell Rusty I said hello."

"I will, Lieutenant. Good night." Erika got up and left the table. She didn't notice the book as it slid from her bag.

Dwayne reached down to pick it up. His heart skipped a beat when he read the title: Emma by Jane Austen . He left quickly, paid the bill and rushed out the door, knowing that he had to find her. But before he did, he had to make a stop first.

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