Part 3

by Will K (willkinn at

When Lieutenant Dwayne Hunter got the page, he hurried up and got inside the Big Guy, then headed to Quark Industries.

"What am I going to do?!" Rusty exclaimed as his belt flashed and beeped.

"What is that?" asked Fenwick, pointing to the thing glowing on the robot. What are you, for that matter? Never mind, that doesn't matter. Get in." He motioned to the hovercar.

Lestrade looked at Holmes with amazement. "Do you think this is a scam, Holmes?" she asked, getting into the cruiser.

"I don't know, Lestrade, but I really don't think so," he said, getting in himself.

"What's wrong, Doctor Slate?" Big Guy asked when he got there.

"Rusty's gone and this strange man who says he's Professor James Moriarty was in his place," she said, frightened.

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