Part 2

by Will K (willkinn at

Lestrade was starting to think it was a joke, when at that moment Fenwick came in with a robot.

"This robot showed up where Moriarty was standing, and he claims to come from the year 2004!" Fenwick said.

"I did come from the year 2004!" the robot said eagerly.

"Now, now," said Lestrade, "Calm down, both of you!"

Just then an oval on the robot's belt started flashing. "The Big Guy signal!" he exclaimed, "It still works!"

"What is a 'big guy' signal?" Lestrade asked.

"It's a call for help," the robot said.

"Oh, OK," Lestrade said.

"What have you done with Rusty?" Slate demanded.

"I've told you, I have done nothing with your robot," Moriarty said. "Goodbye, professor." He threw down two round spheres which produced a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, he was gone.

"I need Big Guy," Slate said as she pressed the signal.

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