Aliens, Foes and Monsters

The Annihilator : large brown alien that spits caustic brown goo (101)

Ape with glass dome-covered green brain: seen in archival footage in NTN news report (101)

ARG-12: Big Guy-sized robot made by the Legion Ex Machina (102). Whacked by Rusty.

ARG-12000: Giant robot built by the Legion Ex Machina (106). Perished by his own hand.

ARX-7: scorpion-like robot with immobilizer beam. Built by the Legion Ex Machina (108)

ARX-23: spider-like robot built by the Legion Ex Machina (113?)

ARX-70: spider-like robot built by the Legion Ex Machina (116)

ARX-90: spider-like robot built by the Legion Ex Machina (125?)

Big Rig: attacked the Lincoln Memorial with his exo-suit (105). Later resurfaced as a member of the Chopshoppers (111). Tattoo on shoulder.

The Chopshoppers: gang of robot thieves who strip their hauls for parts. Members: Gage (the leader), Big Rig, and Cargo.

The Cateri: (114) Aliens who built and were killed off by the Zingkal.

Dinosaur alien wearing Captain Chernobyl's exo-suit: seen in opening credits. Captain Chernobyl appears in Darrow's fake covers, which can be seen on Dark Horse's site.

Dr. Mertz and Bobo: Two-headed piebald giant gorilla that is half deliberately mutated human explorer/primatologist and half silverback (124). Also seen in montage of Russ and Big Guy (111), so "Rumble in the Jungle" must actually have occurred before "The Big Boy", and Dr. Mertz and Bobo have found some way to escape their imprisonment.

Dr. Neugog: Telepathic spider/human cyborg who sucked out brainpower, was psychic, and could mindcontrol humans whose thoughts he did not consume (103)

Edie the supercomputer: (109)

The Eliminator: Quark robot tested at the firing range by Donovan and Dr. Rehnquist. It malfunctioned thanks to Legion 'bugs'. (105)

EP-327 "Earl": (107)

Giant ankylosaurus: first monster defeated by Russ (111).

Giant energybolt-throwing Beholder-like eyeballs: montage of Russ and Big Guy (111)

Giant mutant rhinoceros beetles: (118)

The Grand Squillachi Empire: steal cows (101) and crops (108). They take over the world in an alternate timestream (117) because Big Guy isn't there to stop them. They install flight tubes for travel around New Tronic City, make all humans wear 'work collars', and kill humans for use of 'illegal technology', like robots. They have squid-like gray heads, breathe water, and must wear spacesuits in Earth's atmosphere.

Harddrive: (118)

Harley Griffin: (118) King of dirty tricks. In prison at Fort Mills for the next few years.

Home Version Rusty: (119) Controlled by the Legion Ex Machina.

Large reptile holding baby: seen in archival footage in NTN news report (101).

The Legion Ex Machina includes:

Number One: leader. Wears yellow thing over ear, mike, and circle around neck.
Headpiece touches just the top of his head.

Number Two: Wears yellow thing on upcurving neck attachment and Delenn-ish hat.

Number Three: Wears 3 looping wires and twin-eyed eyepiece, with hood-looking neck to his suit.

Number Four: Wears eyepatch-positioned eyepiece and circular thing around neck.

Number Five: Wears eye prosthetic with thing down over face. (111). Frozen by Big Guy, crumbled by Rusty.
Number Five is not alive.

Number Six: looks just like Dr. Gilder. (102)

Mr. Satellite: appears with name in alternate comic covers at Dark Horse. Seen in archival footage in NTN news report (101).

The Neo-Cateri: (114) Biomech robot race fleeing from the Zingkal. They attempt to imitate the Cateri to avoid being like the Zingkal.

The new guy on the Pit Crew: (111). You can just tell he's evil. How the heck this guy got clearance is beyond me. I bet he's Legion.... ;)

One-eyed, one-horned, three-toed green monster/artist: brought to Earth by the Quantum Machine (107).

Po the Obliterator: (120) Champeen of the universe, till Big Guy and Rusty came along.

Robotic pterodactyl: seen in montage of Russ and Big Guy (111)

Squillachi: see "Grand Squillachi Empire"

The Zingkal: (114) Race of evil robots.