Voice actors are very important to an animated show. As usual for Columbia Tristar animated series, the cast of BG&R is excellent! Luckily, the credits are actually different for each ep so you can see who played who.

Regular cast:

Pamela Segall/Pamela Segall Adlon: Rusty and Jo. Voice Chasers and (Bio in Spanish)

Jonathan Cook: Big Guy

Gabrielle Carteris: Dr. Erika Slate. (Bio in Spanish)

Jim Hanks: Dwayne Hunter. (Bio in Spanish)

Stephen Root: Dr. Axel Donovan. (Bio in Spanish and another)

Kathy Kinney: Jenny the Monkey. (Bio in Spanish)

Kevin Michael Richardson: Garth. Voice Chasers

M. Emmett Walsh: Mack. (Bio in Spanish)

R. Lee Ermey: General Thorton. (Bio in Spanish)

Guest stars:

BGR-101: "Creatures, Great and Small"
Clancy Brown: presumably the Annihilator. Voice Chasers
Steve Edwards: Mitch Givens, NTN anchorman/reporter
Jillian Barberis: the female NTN anchorwoman

BGR-102: "Out of Whack"
Clancy Brown: the Legion Ex Machina: #s 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (unnamed), as well as ARG-12. (Here's his official site.)
Dean Haglund: Dr. Gilder, aka #6.

BGR-103: "The Inside Scoop"
The English chick, the guard...?
Maurice LaMarche: the neurologist and Dr. Ellerbee.
Tim Curry: Dr. Neugog. Voice Chasers

BGR-104: "Birthday Bash"
Jeremy Suarez: Jeffy?
Maurice LaMarche: Emek and/or Naard. Here's his fan site.
Maura Tierney: Darlene, Dwayne's sister. She was also on News Radio (Bio in Spanish) and ER.

BGR-105: "The Reluctant Assassin"
Clancy Brown: as Numbers One, Two, Three, Four and Five
Dean Haglund: Dr. Gilder/Number Six
Ron Perlman: Big Rig

BGR-106: "Really Big Guy"
Clancy Brown:
Dean Haglund: Dr. Gilder, aka #6.

BGR-107: "Sibling Mine"
Nick Jameson: Early Prototype-27 (EP-27 "Earl")

BGR-108: "The Inside Out"
Clancy Brown: the Legion Ex Machina. Just put 'im on the cast and be done with it....

BGR-109: "Moon Madness"
Nora Dunn: Edie the supercomputer
Kevin Michael Richardson: also plays the Quark scientist

BRG-110: "Wages of Fire"
Pat Pinney: Magma guy, probably. Voice Chasers
Steve Edwards: Mitch Givens, NTN anchorman/reporter

BRG-111: "The Big Boy"
Kathy Kinney: also plays Dr. Lester in this ep.
Clancy Brown as Number Five of the Legion Ex Machina. (Who has a nifty laser eyepiece, but otherwise resembles Number Four right down to the labcoat.) I think he's also Gage, but maybe not.

Ron Perlman: Big Rig

BGR-112: "Little Boy Robot Lost"
Available voices: Anthrax and Draggar? The Search Engine? The chatroom three? Your guess is as good as mine....
Clancy Brown: he must play the Legion members.
Dee B. Baker and here and at
Clancy Brown: Again, he plays the Legion guys.

BGR-114: "World of Pain"
John DeLancie: the Neo-Cateri father unit
John Garry: the Zingkal.
Jennifer Hale: the Neo-Cateri mother unit. Also Sedussa on Powerpuff Girls. Voice Chasers
Justin Jon Ross: the Neo-Cateri boy unit

BGR-115: "Blob, Thy Name Is Envy"
Cam Clarke is apparently the Quark propaganda guy and maybe Dr. Huckle. He's Simba's singing voice in Lion King II, interestingly enough. Here's his picture at Dub Seiyuu, and here's a link to a clip of Cam singing at

BGR-116: "Donovan's Brainiacs"
Mary Kay Bergman: Pierre. Here's a memorial site for this talented actress who is much missed.
Clancy Brown: Numbers One, Two, Three and Four

BGR-117: "Patriot Games"
Dee Bradley Baker and also here: Squillace, probably.
Jim Piddock: playing the British guy, probably, since he's English
Kevin Schon: playing Washington?

BGR-118: "Harddrive"
Michael Chevlis: Harley Griffin
Pamela Segall also does the voice of the office lady who nearly gets run over by the Legend Jr.

BGR-119: "5000 Fingers of Rusty"
Clancy Brown: Numbers One, Two and Three
Cam Clarke
Helen Kalafatic

BGR-120: "The Champ"
Steve Edwards: Mitch Givens, NTN reporter
Brian Doyle Murray: Po the Obliterator

BGR-121: "Sickout"
Jim Piddock: plays Dr. Payton of the CDC, as well as Space Center scientist
Stephen Root: plays NTN newscaster voiceover as well as Donovan.

BGR-122: "Nephew of Neugog"
Mary Kay Bergman: Pierre again!
Tim Curry: Dr. Hieronymus Neugog

BGR-123: "The Lower Depths"
Dee Bradley Baker and also here: water critters, I guess.

BGR-124: "Rumble in the Jungle"
Dee Bradley Baker and also here: jungle critters, I guess.
Maurice LaMarche: Dr. Mertz, as well as the English guy.

BGR-125: "Double Time" part 1
Clancy Brown plays the Legion again.

BGR-126: "Double Time" part 2
Clancy Brown plays the Legion guys one last time.
Stan Freberg: Dr. Roland Poindexter. Voice Chasers

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