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Families of the Filidh

Mac an Bhaird (McEward): branches in Farney, Co. Monaghan; Ballymote, Co. Sligo; parish of Ballymacward, Kilconnel, Co. Galway; and Co. Donegal.

Mac Aodhagain: brehons settled throughout Eire; some filidh.

Mac Bruaideadha: Ibricken, Co. Clare; and Inchiquin, Co. Clare. Served the I Bhriain.

Mac Con Midhe: served the I Neill.

Mac Craith: Gofraidh Fionn O Dalaigh studied at a poet school kept by his friend Maolmhuire Mac Craith's family.

Mac Ewen (McEowen, McEwen, McEwan): served as filidh, seannachaidh and taibhsear (seers) to the Campbells of Argyll and Breadalbane, and the Mac Dougalls of Dunollie, all in Scotland. My paternal grandmother's clan! Pages on the Web include the Clan Ewan society (nice people!), a very nice commercial design, and at Sgian Dhu Interactive, with .wav of how to say the name in Gaelic. The Clan MacLachlan claims the McEwens as a sept. Well, we could claim them as a sept; the clans were neighbors and intermarried a lot; but regardless, it does include some McEwen history, including the fact that Elspeth MacEwen of Kirkcudbright was the last witch executed in Scotland. Here's our tartan

Mac Mhuireadach (McMhuirrich, McVurich, Currie): South Kintyre, Scotland; Islay, Scotland. Descended from Muireadhach Albanach Ó Dalaigh. The Clan Currie homepage is proud of Muireadhach and very combative! It also includes some poetry translations.

Ó Cionga: Co. West Meath.

Ó Cleirigh: Co. Mayo; Tir Conaill; and throughout Eire. Served the I Dhomhnaill.

Ó Clumhain: Co. Mayo and Co. Sligo. Served the Ó hEadhra.

Ó Cobhthaigh: Co. West Meath.

Ó Dalaigh (O'Daly, Daley): Duthaigh Ealla; Sheep Head peninsula in Co. Kerry; and elsewhere. Served the I Chaoimh, Clann Chartaigh, and the Desmonds. "Dalaigh" is a word for brehon lawyer/judge.

Ó Gnimh: Co. Antrim.

Ó hEoghusa (O'Hussey): Co. Fermanagh; Baile I Eoghusa (Ballyhose) on Castlehume Lough/lower Lough Erne. Served the Mag Uidhir (Maguire).

Ó hUiginn (O'Higgin): Dougharane, barony of Leyney, Co. Sligo; Kilconla parish, barony of Dunmore, Co. Galway.

Ó Leannain: mostly clerics.

Ó Maolchonaire: Co. Longford; Co. Roscommon; Co. Kilkenny; possibly Co. Wicklow. Served Siol Muireadhaigh as poets and historians.

Ó Muirgheasain: (Morrison) Originally from Ireland. Served the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan in Scotland.

Ó'n Chainte: Curravordy (north of Bandon). Fearfeasa was a participant in the Contention of the Poets.

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