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The rhyme words at the end of the A lines are 1 syllable shorter
than the rhyme words at the end of the B lines. 
The A rhymes begin on the accented vowel, while the
B rhymes are usually non-accentual.

Debide of 8/x-1 + 8/x +8/x-1 + 8/x.
Sainemlu cech dóo/en a chruth,
brestu cech sóer a balcbruth,
gaíthiu cech bruinniu fo nim,
fíriánu cech breithemain.

Debide of 7/x-1 + 7/x + 7/x-1 + 7/x. 
From a poem by Tadhg Óg Ó Huiginn on his elder brother and
teacher, Ferghal Ruadh. C. 1500.
Anocht sgaoilid na sgola,
leabtha uadha a n-aontomha:
do-ghéna lucht gach leabtha
déra re hucht n-imtheachta.

atchiu fer find: accented rhyme word may appear in either the 1st or 2nd of a pair of rhyme words; the
verse ends are not syllabically regulated.

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