These are the people who make a television show good. The voice actors and directors and
animators can't do much if the script is stupid to begin with. Luckily, we live in the Golden Age
of Television, and there are some excellent writers out there! Here are the ones who make
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century such a fun show.

(Warning -- the Internet Movie Database entries for some writers are... slightly outdated. Slightly. And a lot of them aren't there. No, I don't know why Disney can't shell out for a lousy few DIC webpages. It's not like they don't have a zillion sites for everything else....)

Robert Askin
I think his website is pretty cute. Of course, having a website leaves him open to interrogation by his fans...mwa-ha-ha-ha!
He has no IMDB entry.
Buzz Lightyear: wrote "Eye of the Tempest"
PB&J Otter: wrote "Easy as Pie"

Eleanor Burian-Mohr
She has a new homepage together with Terence Taylor, and their portraits are a hoot! She's related to an art director/production designer who does a lot of work. (So you can't just search by last name, folks.) She has no IMDB entry.

Henry Gilroy (IMDB)
Batman: The Animated Series -- "Something to Fear": co-written with Sean Catherine Derek. This site quotes Bruce Timm as saying that Gilroy had previously been a film editor, and that this was his first script. I remember this episode; it was superb.
House of Mouse: writer
Wacky Adventures of Tex Avery: writer
Thor: God of Thunder: co-created with Seth Kearsley from Mummies Alive. This apparently came to nothing.
American Phantom Menace comics adaptation: wrote it. This site describes his writing as dazzling, but then again, it was written by the folks who paid him!
related interview with Gilroy. Review of a one-shot he also wrote (which agrees his adaptation was good).

Phil Harnage (IMDB)
No webpage. Apparently a hardworking DIC guy. Got his name put on one of those NASA chips.
Eleanor Burian-Mohr says he did write "The Illinois Wristwatch" video/ slide show (scroll down). Cool hobby, eh?
Alftales: assistant story editor
Banzai Runner: writer (as Phillip L. Harnage)
Captain N and the Super Mario Brothers 3: story editor, Super Mario World
Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins: development consultant
The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!: animation adapter (along with Bob Forward).

Gildart Jackson
This chatlog says he wrote for SH22. I wrote to the fanclub maintainer, and hopefully we will find out which eps he did. Also an actor.

Greg Johnson
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: cowrote "The Shape Stealer" (w Bill Motz and Bob Roth)
Roswell Conspiracies: story editor
X-Men: Evolution: wrote "The X-Impulse", "Turn of the Rogue", and "The Cauldron - Part Two". Story: "Grim Reminder".

Seth Kearsley (IMDB)
8 Crazy Nights: director
Dilbert: director
Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins: producer, director, storyboard artist
There's a nice interview of him on this Mummies page. Here's one of his upcoming projects.

Martha Moran (IMDB)
Another happy little DIC person about whom I know virtually nothing.
Happily Ever After: writer
No Dessert, Dad, Till You Mow the Lawn: writer
Pocket Dragon Adventures: wrote 5 segments, including "Another Fine Hex", "Binky and the Beanstalk", "All That Glitters", "Slice of Ice", and "Weather or Not"
[Everyone wrote those. 2 filkers (Karen Wilson and Chris Weber). 2 of my favorite fantasy writers (Will Shetterly and Emma Bull). And has it ever been shown in my area by mighty BKN? No.]

Ken Pontac (IMDB)
This site describes him as a stop-motion guru and describes a game he worked on, Clay Fighter..
Pontac co-created Bump in the Night, wrote the brilliant final episode (and song) for Reboot and contributed a script to War Planets and Roswell Conspiracies ("The Fusion Breed"). This lady says he's been a good friend. (And he dropped by our message board! What a great guy!)

Terence Taylor
He co-wrote 2 episodes of You Can't Do That on Television, the Canadian kids comedy show they used to show on Nickelodeon. He also wrote the teleplay for a Spider-Man episode.

Marv Wolfman
He writes tons of comics and runs Beast Machines. What can you say?

Robby London
And here's an interview with one of the DIC Powers That Be over on a Mummies Alive page.