A Bad Christmas Wish II

Part 1

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

It was nighttime, and the weather was cold. Lestrade strolled happily into the carnival, with a coin in her hand. She walked through crowds of people, past the big Ferris wheel, past the romantic tunnel of love, and past the cheery-looking merry-go-round. She finally stopped at the Christmas wishing well decorated with pine boughs and red berries. She was just about going to throw the coin into the well and wish that Holmes was little again but -- she suddenly felt that the trick was too...cruel for him. "Oh, never mind, just change him back to normal the day after tomorrow. It wonít hurt if it is just for a day," she thought to herself. She closed her eyes and wished: I wish that Sherlock Holmes were a little boy again. And she threw the coin into the wishing well.

Holmes awoke as the first rays of daylight crossed his face. He pulled up the blanket and wrapped himself tightly. He felt cold, very cold. "Maybe a cup of coffee will warm me up," he thought as he threw his legs off the right side of the bed. However, for some reason, his legs couldnít touch the floor. "Strange, I donít remember my bed being that high." He had to jump off the bed. He was about to walk out of his bedroom when he happened to look down and he stared in surprise! His nightrobe looked like it was too big for him! He crossed the room and looked into the mirror curiously.


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