Where Are You?

Part 6

by Katie Thompson (animal_lover44 at hotmail.com)

As Lestrade was coming back from being unconscious she could hear whispering in the distance. When she finally managed to open her eyes, a glare of white light greeted her.

"Mmmmm," Lestrade groaned to the unwelcome brightness of the light.

"Lestrade, are you awake? Thank goodness." This came from a very relieved Watson who moved over to her side.

Turning her head towards him, she asked, "Where am I? Where is Holmes? Is he all right? And what happened to Moriarty?"

"You are at the New London Hospital and Holmes is fine, thanks to your quick thinking. I captured Moriarty with the ionizer, but somehow in the confusion of you blacking out, Fenwick must have come in and freed him." Watson could see Lestrade relax a bit, and then he just had to add. "You know, Holmes came with you in the ambulance holding your hand, and when they got here the doctors almost had to threaten him to leave so they could fix your wound." Watson smiled at the shocked and now blushing face of Inspector Beth Lestrade.

"Where is he now?" asked Lestrade after letting what Watson just said sink in.

"Holmes is at Baker Street finishing up the last bit of the case; Grayson wants it done. The doctors said you shouldn’t be here for long once you came to. But you should rest." And with that Watson left the room, happy and relieved that Lestrade was OK.

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