Where Are You?

Part 5

by Katie Thompson (animal_lover44 at hotmail.com)

It only took Holmes and Watson twenty minutes to reach from Baker Street what were supposed to be abandoned warehouses. They decided to split up and each take one of the two energy-supplied warehouses. Holmes took number seven and Watson got number two.

As Holmes searched for number seven his thoughts were of Lestrade. ĎMoriarty had better not have done anything to Lestrade, or heíll pay.í Holmes paused for a second, wondering where that had come from. Shaking it off, he continued his search.

Slowly opening the door to number seven (Holmes didnít want it to creak), he was able to slip inside without a sound. Once inside the door he hid behind a bundle of crates. He had a clear view of the space, which contained two offices and a huge storage space; and in the far corner Holmes saw Lestrade. He could also see that she was attached with handcuffs to a U-shaped pipe that had both sides in the pavement. There seemed to be no other people present but Holmes stayed alert for any movement.

Lestrade looked over the space, trying to find anything she could use to her advantage. She would get Moriarty out here, get him to set her free by falsely agreeing to his previous plan, then arrest him. But first she needed to find something she can use as a weapon.

Just then Lestrade found Holmesís eyes in the stack of crates in the other far corner near the door. She could feel her heart palpitate a little faster. Holmes smiled at her and she became relieved, knowing that he was there.

Everything seemed quiet, so Holmes slowly made his way to where Lestrade was. When he reached her he got out his lockpicking set out of his coat and got to work.

"Are you all right? Where is Moriarty?" whispered Holmes as he was working to free her from her bonds.

"Iím all right, besides a sore head from being knocked out. Moriarty went into the room over there," Lestrade replied just as quietly as Holmes, so no one could hear them.

The room she indicated was one of the offices. Holmes looked over just as he finished freeing her hands. He was just about to start on her feet when the door to that office opened and out walked Moriarty.

"Iíve come to see if you have changed your mind about my...." Moriarty stopped dead in his spot and speech when he saw Holmes. "Holmes." Moriarty gave Holmes a look of pure agitation.

Holmes handed Lestrade his picklocks so she could finish freeing herself and he straightened up. Moriarty and Holmes stared at each other in a silent battle of minds.

Lestrade was able to get her feet free just as she saw Moriarty move his right hand and bring out his ionizer. Before Holmes could respond the shot went off.

Lestrade dove towards Holmes and they both landed on the floor. Just then Watson (who had found nothing and came looking for Holmes) ran in and fired at Moriarty, stunning him.

Holmes looked at Lestrade, who now was on top of him from saving him from Moriarty's ionizer fire. She opened her eyes and looked at him. They both got up and Lestrade suddenly felt a fiery, sharp pain surge down her arm into her fingertips. Reaching back of her left shoulder she felt something strange; when she withdrew her hand she saw a large quantity of blood displayed on it. Right before she fainted she looked at Holmes, who also saw the blood on her hand. She saw a look of dread and worry on his face, then everything turned black.

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