Where Are You?

Part 4

by Katie Thompson (animal_lover44 at hotmail.com)

The Irregulars, Watson, and Holmes gathered in the living room of 221B to discuss their findings. Deidre, Tennyson and Wiggins looked from one to another, deciding who should start. They decided to have Deidre go first, then Wiggins and finally Tennyson.

"From my Underground friends I was able to find that some old -- and what seems abandoned -- warehouses outside of New London are receiving illegal power. Also not all are receiving power, only warehouses number two and seven, which shortens the list considerably from what it was," Deidre exclaimed, feeling proud of her findings.

Wiggins cleared his throat and began his findings. "I found out from Deidre’s results that those warehouses are being used, but there appears to be little to no security around and in the place."

"Now," beeped Tennyson, "the clincher to our findings is that I found out the name of the person renting these warehouses to be one Mary Orit. I found this an unusual name so I played with it for a while and you know what I found. That unscrambled, it spells none other then...Moriarty."

"Very good, everyone. Your skills are improving nicely." There was pride gleaming from Holmes’ voice which made the Irregulars smile. "The soil samples in which I have gathered from Lestrade's apartment also confirm the warehouses outside of New London to be the place we should look. Also with all your findings we now know for certain that Moriarty is involved with this."

Holmes got up from the couch to get his stuff to leave. "Watson, I need you to come with me; and I would like for you Irregulars to stay here until we get back. This may become dangerous." The Irregulars argued, but Holmes won in the end because they knew he was right.

* * *

Lestrade was getting frustrated by her present situation. ‘Now how can I get out of these zedding handcuffs and excape?’ Lestrade thought, looking the bindings over. Just then the object of her scorn and frustration walked in -- Moriarty.

"Oh, how I hate to see you in those handcuffs, my dear."

‘Yah, right. And why does he keep calling me his dear?" Lestrade shivered.

"Now," Moriarty continued walking closer to Lestrade, "I had this most brilliant idea, I will free you on one condition." He posed, and moved even closer to her. "Which is that you agree to join me. Together we could be invincible." This idea of his positively made him glow.

This just made Lestrade even more angry and sick of him. "Join you? Are you mad? I will never in a thousand years even remotely think of ever joining you!" Lestrade spat back at him.

At Lestrade's outburst Moriarty looked crushed, then angry. He backed away a bit and dryly replied with an absolute lack of emotion, "That’s a pity. I guess I can never let you go now. Unless you change your mind." Moriarty looked at her for a second and then turned and walked away.

Lestrade sighed to herself after Moriarty disappeared. Then her thoughts turned to Holmes, her only real comfort in this dismal place.

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