Where Are You?

Part 3

by Katie Thompson (animal_lover44 at hotmail.com)

The next morning, Holmes was up before Watson become mobile. A few minutes after Watson came into the living room with tea, the video phone went off. Holmes quickly got up and sprinted over to it. On the screen was a officer from the Yard with the results of the analysing of the evidence which Holmes brought in yesterday.

"Mr. Holmes, we have the results of your samples. The soil that you gathered came from a old warehouse facility outside of New London." Then, as the officer saw the next item, he stopped with uneasiness.

"Pray continue," replied Holmes to the officer's pause.

The officer continued slowly. "The pipe in which you found had traces of..." He breathed in and out. "...Inspector Lestrade's blood and hair."

"Thank you, Sergeant," Holmes said, and then shut off the video phone.

* * *

Lestrade was coming up from a state of unconsciousness. When she opened her eyes she saw that she was in a musty old warehouse. She tried to get up but her feet were cuffed and her hands were cuffed around a U-shaped pipe in the ground. There was also a sharp pain in the back of her head where she remembered getting hit with a very heavy object. Just then a evil and familiar voice came which sent shivers all down her spine.

"Good morning, Inspector, I was wondering when you would finally come to," cooed Moriarty. "I hope you're comfortable?"

Lestrade looked at him with daggers and replied. "How long have I been out?"

Moriarty gave her a devious smile as if everything was going to plan. "We knocked you over the head at 8:45 am yesterday and it is now...10:00 am the next morning. So you have been out for, let's see, 26 and one-quarter hours, my dear Lestrade." With the last remark his smile grew larger.

‘Zed, I wish Holmes were here. Moriarty is giving me the creeps,’ Lestrade thought after seeing his smile. Then to Moriarty she said, "What do you want with me?"

Moriarty moved closer to her and even though Lestrade was shackled she somehow was able to move away from him. "What I want from you is simple. I will use you as bait for none other than Holmes." He gave a sinister laugh.

"You’re zedding pathetic Moriarty. You will never defeat Holmes and I will never allow it to happen, either." Now Lestrade was furious at this overdressed disgrace for a man.

At her statement he didn’t even waver and maintained his smile, "You have no choice." Then he turned and walked to one of the rooms in the warehouse. Lestrade was left by herself feeling helpless and angry.

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