Where Are You?

Part 2

by Katie Thompson (animal_lover44 at hotmail.com)

With samples from Lestrade's apartment Holmes went to New Scotland Yard to get them analysed in the Yard's lab and requested to be notified of the findings as soon as possible when they were done. Then, after reporting to Grayson his findings, he returned to Baker Street.

"Find much, Holmes?" asked Watson, who had been waiting for his return.

"Some, but I can’t say what it means until I get more sufficient data." replied Holmes as he placed his deerstalker and Inverness on the coat rack.

At five that afternoon the Yard called Holmes to tell him his samples wouldn’t be ready till tomorrow. So after talking to the Yard Holmes called his Irregulars. They arrived with in fifteen minutes and sat down on the couch in the living room.

"What can we do for you, Governor?" asked Wiggins.

"Lestrade has been kidnapped and I want you guys to find out whatever you can in the Underground. I have a feeling Moriarty may be involved somehow," Holmes replied.

At the mention of Lestrade being kidnapped all three of the Irregulars gave a start, then composed themselves.

"We'll do our best!" Wiggins exclaimed, standing up.

"Yes, we must," beeped Tennyson, which all understood.

"For Lestrade." Deidre looked at Holmes and he nodded.

When the Irregulars left, Holmes sat in his chair, legs stretched to the fire, and with his hands steepled on his chest, rested his chin on them contemplating his findings. Watson knew to leave him alone when he was like this, so he went to the kitchen to recharge.

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