The Week That Was

Part 5

by D.E. Lewis (Sherlockian221 at

Holmes walked into the commons with Hopkins and Bradstreet, and quickly found group "D". He knew who one of the other group members was: Lestrade. She was sitting with two other girls he hadn't met before.

"Hello. Um, may I ask your names, ladies?"

They began to whisper. "Oooo, Beth, you were right. He IS a perfect gentleman!"

"Well, then don't be rude! Introduce yourselves!"

The shorter of the two, who had red, curly hair tied back in a ponytail and a camera around her neck, stood up.

"My name's Candid, and this is Nicole," she said, gesturing to the other woman sitting crosslegged near Lestrade. Nicole appeared to be of Native American descent, from her swarthy skin and long, dark hair tied into a braid.

"Come on, now! We've got to get to our first class!" Lestrade snapped.

"And what would that be?"

"River study, smart one!"


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