The World Wide Web

Part 4

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Mary Christmas giggled when she finished talking with Beth. It was amazing to be able to do this, though she was slightly afraid of what it meant.

At first when she had noticed the dates, she thought it was just something they did with their computers. She had often received e-mails from people the day before they were dated, and the three friends she had made all seemed to know each other. Then, other people came into that same room, a lot of other people, and they all had the same year after their message times -- 2105.

When she tried to invite a few friends to see the phenomenon, the chat server refused to let them in. In fact, that particular room did not even exist. Even when she was in it. Then, when three of her four new friends decided to tell their real names, she was pretty much convinced. Their names being Tennyson, Wiggins, and Deidre was way too much of a coincidence.

Now, she was talking to Sherlock Holmes, after showing Beth Lestrade Maureen's site. It was a scary thought. Especially with what the detective had just revealed.

Aralyn_Brandybuck: Um...I think...uh...I don't know what to thinnk. Moriarty? But, what would he possibly hope to gain by... doing something with fans of that show?

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: I do not know. However I think it is best if you do not try to speak with us again.

Aralyn_Brandybuck: How do you know that's not just playing into his hands? I mean...maybe it isn't even Moriarty maybe it's some other twisted genius. There are others you know

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Perhaps..but either way we are still faced with the problem of 'why' and 'how'.

Aralyn_Brandybuck: of our fanfics...made someone of the unfinished got too close to what was really going on...

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Excellent! Lestrade and I shall read through the stories to see if anything is familiar.

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective signed off at 23:30 12/5/2105

Mary swallowed hard, fear seizing her chest and making it more difficult to breathe than normal. Then, she made herself take deep breaths, even though it hurt, and to calm down. It wouldn't help matters to panic. But what if they try to kill everyone?...and no one is going to believe this....

Holmes pulled at his lower lip, a habit he had picked up quite recently and continued reading. It was uncanny how some of this came so close to the truth. There were quite a number of absurd bits and entirely too much speculation, but in general it came very close indeed.

He heard a soft noise from in Lestrade's direction. She had pulled up another terminal to read through her share (there were a lot to go through). Now she was laughing at something and shaking her head. She really was lovely. Especially when she was concentrating on a task. Her eyes took on an almost feverish light, and her whole being seemed to vibrate. He shook his head. Really, he was getting entirely too poetic. That was Watson's domain. He returned his focus to the screen in front of him.


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