The World Wide Web

Part 3

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Before Lestrade could respond to Holmes' last message he had signed off. Zed! She could just imagine his reaction to that site. Sure, most of it was speculation, but a lot of it came uncomfortably close to the least regarding her feelings.

Holmes arrived fifteen minutes later, and Lestrade reluctantly pulled the website up. He skimmed over it quickly, making noncommital noises which started to get on her nerves.

"Holmes! Will you please cut that out? Do you believe Aralyn now?"

Holmes didn't even look up. "Oh, those doubts were cleared up as soon as you told me about this. What I am looking for now is something that may tell us what is going on."

Lestrade shook her head. "There isn't anything. I've been all over this site, with the exception of the messageboard." At her words, Holmes instantly clicked the link to the messageboard. She rolled her eyes and pulled up a chair, prepared for a long wait.

After a few moments of reading over Holmes' shoulder (laughing at some parts), Lestrade was convinced there was nothing to be found, and she told Holmes so.

"Are you quite sure about that, Lestrade?" he questioned, his eyebrow going up.

Frowning, Lestrade looked at the board again. "Yes, I'm sure."

"Then you did not notice that the dates on here end on December the seventh, 2001."

Lestrade shrugged. "So, what does that have to do with anything? Maybe no one liked this site after that date."

Holmes shook his head. "I highly doubt that, Lestrade. Something happened to the people on this board...and it has something to do with our friend's ability to speak through time. I want to have a little chat with her."

Lestrade shrugged and told him to go ahead. She was a little bit miffed that he hadn't even commented on the material contained in this site.

Aralyn_Brandybuck is now online. Do you wish to send a message?

Instant message from Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective to Aralyn_Brandybuck

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Hello Aralyn. I wish to speak with you about your odd predicament

Aralyn_Brandybuck: Why?

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Because something may be very wrong. What is the date for you?

Aralyn_Brandybuck: 12/05/01

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Then there may still be time...

Argh....I hate time travel...anybody have any ideas on how this could have happened? Please send it to me in an e-mail: unicorn_76010 at

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