The World Wide Web

Part 2

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

After two hours of relentless searching, and finding nothing out of the ordinary, Holmes decided to stop for a moment. And once again he was back to being bored. He logged back into the chat server and was surprised to find the following message:

ChatServer101: You have five new messages. Do you wish to check them?

Holmes clicked on the 'yes' button.

Aralyn_Brandybuck: Awww why'd you have to leave...we were just starting to have fun...I added you to my friends list btw.

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Where'd you go? Oh well, I've got you on my friends list anyway...

Frenchie: Bye Mister Holmes...come back soon...please...Ara's trying to start a truth or dare game...

Queen_of_New_London: See ya around sometime Holmes...

Mathmaticz_Rule: Did you think my idea had merit? I hope Moriarty hasn't figured out a way for time travel...

Holmes smiled as he finished reading. Tennyson was coming along nicely. Perhaps the boy could find something where he had failed. Before he could send a message to him, another little window popped up.

Instant Message from Lovely_Elven_Maiden to Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Hey there

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Hello

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: You know who I am right?

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Of course I do Lestrade

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: saw what my first name was and then deduced from the way I didn't want to tell them my name after they had told theirs, right?

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Excellent Lestrade...perhaps there is hope for you yet...

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Hey! So...what made you leave so soon?

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: I was trying to see if Aralyn's claim was correct...only I found nothing to support it...

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Hmm....I think she's telling the truth though...there are some things she told me in an IM that not even my own mother would know...

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Then, how could she have known?

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Well, she first figured out she was talking to the future from her message times. The date said 2105.

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: I fail to see what that has to do with my question but...she said she didn't know which century we were from...

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: She didn't want us to take her seriously...but then she told me some other things...there's this website that was maintained in the 21st century...its very difficult to get to unless you know

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: The proper procedures. Just like with all the old stuff...anyway she told me the URL and I went to it...and...well...I believe her now

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: What pray tell is this website? Perhaps by looking at it I can try to find out how this young lady is able to speak with us

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Holmes...okay...but if you can't get into it...don't come crying to me...

Lovely_Elven_Maiden is sending you a link: will you accept it?

Holmes clicked the 'okay' button. Then he clicked on the link, but nothing happened. He sighed.

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Hang on Lestrade, I'm coming over to your place...I want to know what's going on...

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