The Adventure of the Vanished Detective

Chapter 9

by Jacqui Holmes (sherlockfan at

Sorry it has been so long but I was really suffering from some bad writers block! Here's part nine!


"Holmes!" Lestrade nearly screamed, yanking the gag from his mouth and causing him to cough and gasp for breath.

She then gently helped him to move his strained limbs a bit, smiling as best she could. It was obvious that he had, for several hours at least, been deprived of food and water. It was also quite apparent that he has been hurt and his appearance was quite haggard.

" have to get out of...."

"Shhhhh, you shouldn't talk, Holmes, you're far too weak! Save your strength...." She then gently laid her fingers to his lips, trying to comfort him a bit, yet he still strained away.

"....No, don't understand, you have to listen to me! He's have to...."

However, Holmes's warnings were suddenly cut short as a bright light shot through the semi-darkness of the cold chamber, hitting Holmes and making him fall limp into Lestrade's arms with a slight groan.

"Holmes? Holmes!?!" She paused her speech for a few moments, shaking him a bit, trying to revive him from the sudden ionizer blast, and thinking to herself, Damn you Moriarty!! Show yourself, you coward!! You can't even....

Before Lestrade could finish her thoughts, bright lights lit up the entire room. There, right above her, lurked the world's worst enemy....

"Moriarty....!" the Inspector shakily stated, as she tightened her grasp around the fallen detective's limp form, wanting to protect him from any and all harm.

"Ah, yes, Miss Lestrade." The villain smirked as he watched her face wrinkle in disgust from the taunt he used on her name. "So glad you could make it, my dear. I have much planned for you and the detective!"

Lestrade was, for a moment taken aback at his statement. "Much planned...what do you mean??"

Moriarty, however, simply smirked and knelt down in front of her, his ionizer at ready. "Let's just say it's to die for...."


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