The Adventure of the Vanished Detective

Chapter 8

by Jacqui Holmes (sherlockfan at

As Lestrade approached the building where the note had said Holmes was being held, she quietly made a hasty path across the street and stayed in a secluded area, hidden out of sight.

She needed to think up a plan. However, she had no information to go on. No small tidbit of anything or anyone within the leering building, no clue on what to expect the instant she walked into it, either. She could be walking into a gigantic trap, and that scared her.

Lestrade, in thinking, glanced down upon her watch then back at the factory. "An hour before I make my move," she thought aloud.

"Moriarty," she whispered shakily in rage, "you're such a ruddy monster!! If you've done anything harmful to him I'll kill you, and if I miss the first time I'll hunt you down until you're gone forever."

Within what only seemed like a few minutes, Big Ben struck the hour of three o'clock, and Lestrade had still not thought of a plan. However, she still made her way across the street to the eerie factory and knocked on the big titanium steel door.

The door then opened quite slowly, all by itself, creaking loudly during the process. Lestrade was taken aback. She was so startled she nearly pulled out her ionizer, but remembering she was most likely being watched like a hawk and seeing that it was her only means of defense, she kept it out of sight.

She then took several steps into the building, and the giant door suddenly slammed shut behind her.

"What in the ruddy blazes...." she screamed aloud.

After turning and seeing nothing behind her, she continued to walk very slowly ahead. Step by step, stride by stride when SNAP!!!!

As if the earth had started to crumble beneath her feet, a trapdoor snapped open and Lestrade fell through the floor, screaming her head off. She then landed quite roughly on a slide-type structure and twisted and turned until she hit the ground of a very dimly lit room which was quite cold and held a few rats.

"Rats!" she cried in terror. "If there is one thing I hate more than Moriarty it has to be those ugly creatu....."

However, she suddenly cut herself off in mid-sentence. For right in front of her was Holmes. Seeing he was in distress, she started towards him, unbinding his bruised and stiff ankles and wrists.

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