The Adventure of the Vanished Detective

Chapter 4

by Jacqui Holmes (sherlockfan at

Once at New Scotland Yard, Lestrade and the Baker Street Irregulars took Watson inside to the compudroid repairs area of the building.

"So how long will it take to get him fixed?" the Inspector asked.

"Well, it depends on what the problem is, Inspector; it could take a couple hours or up to a couple days," Leo, one of the techies answered.

"Great, just great!!" Lestrade responded bitterly, "Well, fix him as soon as possible, Leo!! I may need him for my case!"

With that, the techie nodded, and Lestrade started off towards her office; then suddenly she realized the Bakerstreet Irregulars were still with her.

"You kids stay here! In a few minutes Leo there will be able to take y'all home." She then smiled as Leo shook his head in agreement with her, and she continued her journey to her office.

She needed to get to her DNA scanner, and fast. "Find out who did this crime, and you find where they are," she quietly murmured to herself.

Once in her office, she practically threw the still-unopened clue onto the DNA scanner with eagerness. However, disappointment and rage soon flooded over her, as the DNA report came through with no readings.

"Zed!!" she screamed, "It figures there would be no DNA traces on the ruddy thing!!" "Oh, well," she stated malevolently, "guess I'll have to find him the hard way!"

She then grabbed the clue and opened it. To her surprise several puzzle pieces fell out of the envelope she had opened, each bearing letters and words.

"How odd," she thought to herself, "and how juvenile! Well, I guess I should put the blasted thing together!"

Lestrade did just that; however, she found it more difficult then expected, for each piece was shaped the same way, which made it hard to decipher what the puzzle said. Yet soon she had decoded it and anxiously read the words from her hard work.

Lost in peace
Or lost in joy
In war no one behaves
For in the night
The time was right
To send them to their graves

Lestrade at first was mystified by the strange words on the puzzle, but soon was able to understand its meaning.

"The New London Graveyard!" she thought aloud, "Of course that's what the blasted thing means."

She then gathered the pieces of puzzle together and put them back into the envelope they had come out of. At daybreak, she decided, she would go to the cemetery and find her next clue.

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