The Adventure of the Vanished Detective

Chapter 3

by Jacqui Holmes (sherlockfan at

Things seemed to be all right in Lestrade's mind. She had found her first clue as to where Holmes was and she would soon have a DNA sample of the culprit who actually abducted Holmes, for she knew Moriarty would have sent one of his minions to do the job.

Though things were looking a little bit brighter for Lestrade , Holmes' side of the picture was looking quite dark.

He awoke out of his unconsciousness in a strange room; it was quite dark, and the sound of machines was the first to come into his ears. Then the dark laughter of a voice only known as Moriarty's came closer, as did the silhouette of his arch-nemesis.

"Moriarty!" Holmes spoke with anger. "Where am I?"

"Why, only in my stronghold, Holmes! Out of your own stupidity you have fallen into my grasp!" the villain spouted. "There is no way out, and you could very well be here for some time with that amateur Inspector on the case!"

Rage welled up inside of Holmes with these words, and in defense of his friend and colleague he shouted, "Take that back, you devil!!"

"I think not, Holmes!" Moriarty chuckled, "But then it really doesn't matter; soon enough she will find you, I'll make sure of that."

Holmes was filled with hate towards his captor. Moriarty had not only insulted him, but his dear friend Lestrade as well. He wanted to stand and pound Moriarty to the wall, but soon found he had been tied to some type of strange chair.

"Why? Why have you brought me here, Moriarty, and why have you not killed me? Could I not pose a threat of escaping this place, even if you say I could not?" Holmes asked cooly, "I really am surprised."

"Ah, I did think of those trifling issues, but decided to have some fun, if you will, before I kill you!!" Moriarty spoke darkly, "For if you look around and use your 'eyes and brain', you will see that you have been conveniently tied to a crypnotic device. This machine, as I call it, will let me control your actions, thoughts, and words! Once your Miss Lestrade arrives, I will turn on my handy-dandy machine and poof, you will be in my power. I will make sure you yourself have gotten rid of that nuisance of an Inspector and then I'll kill you!"

Holmes stared in horror at Moriarty as he spoke. He couldn't believe his ears. For once in a great while, Holmes was quite scared, though he didn't show it. It wasn't fear for himself; it was more for Lestrade.

"I swear, Moriarty! You are a devil of a man! When I get out of here I'll see you behind bars forever!" Holmes shouted savagely.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, my dear Holmes!" Moriarty then chuckled and walked towards Holmes, gagging his mouth. Then leaving the room, Moriarty slammed a large door and the the room bacame a mass of darkness.

Holmes watched him leave with sorrow in his eyes. He couldn't believe what was happening. He fought with all his strength at the metal cuffs holding his wrists to the chair, but it was to no avail; the only thing he managed to accomplish was to wear himself out and bruise his wrists. He then thought of what Moriarty had said. "I'll make sure you get rid of that nuisance of an Inspector and then I'll kill you!" This brought tears to Holmes' eyes; he then felt the small droplets of water slip down his face.

"Beth," he thought, "I don't wish to harm you. Please leave me here to die; I don't want to hurt you."

With that Holmes cried silently to himself until his weariness forced him to sleep.

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