The Adventure of the Vanished Detective

Chapter 2

by Jacqui Holmes (sherlockfan at

Lestrade could feel her hands turn ice cold as the words from the note sunk into her mind.

~For Miss Lestrade

I have, for some time, been waiting for this day and finally the pieces from the playing board have fallen into place. I have Holmes. Yes the masterful and witty detective is finally within my grasp. If you want him alive, I hope you will have the mentality to follow my instructions to the letter. More notes shall follow this. Each of these messages will hold a clue as to where the detective is. Once the puzzle has been completed you are to meet at the determined spot with only yourself. I shall give you three days time. Oh, and do make sure no one else reads the materials which you are sent; unfortunate things might happen if someone else finds him first.

Until then,

"How could he?" Lestrade uttered in a trance.

"How could he what?" Deidre returned quickly.

Lestrade then looked to the girl with an disbelieving gaze, then shook it off. "Nothing, come on...." she sent back to the three of them in her normal commanding tone, "....we should go look for clues, and get Watson down to the New Scotland Yard Techies."

With that the Inspector stood and started out her door towards her hovercraft, leaving the three wondering children behind her. However, they too were soon out the door and huddled into the craft as it quickly took to the sky.

The ride to Holmes' flat was one of silence. No one spoke, but inside Lestrade's mind thoughts were twisting together; Where was Holmes? Would she be able to find him? What if he was already...? No, she told herself, I can't think like that!

Before too long the group reached 221B Baker Street. Lestrade quickly landed the hovercraft and started towards Holmes' apartment. The Irregulars had been right; the flat was in a state of destruction. Pictures had been ripped from the walls, chairs and tables had been over-turned, electrical cords were torn from the sockets, and Watson was totally losing it.

"My God!" Lestrade gasped but quickly regained her composure. "Well, start looking for anything that could be important, kids. I'll go turn Watson off."

With that she headed towards the human-sized robot. She then found the button located on his back and switched it from on to off, shaking her head as she did so. Then as if out of nowhere something caught her eye. It was sitting close to the compudroid; she gently lifted it up and looked it over. It had her name on it, written in a beautiful script handwriting. She thought quickly and remembered the first note; it was a clue! She then discreetly stuffed the note into her pocket so the kids wouldn't see.

Standing up, she gathered the three Baker Street Irregulars. "Come on, we need to get Watson downtown."

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