Murderer at the New London University

Part 4

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

"Stop laughing!" Lestrade commanded.

"Sorry, Lestrade, I can't help it." Holmes stopped laughing long enough to say, "I think we should go to the campus now; where is the campus?"

"Come on, I'll help you to register for the campus," Lestrade said helpfully.


"There you are! I have been waiting for you for a long time! From now on I am your roommate," Johnny said as Holmes came into the Room 3-21. Before Holmes could say anything, Johnny said: "Sit down on one of the beds; we will talk the whole night!"

"Well...all right." Holmes answered as he sat down.

"Let's see... what are we going to talk about...oh yes, about Billie, is she your girlfriend?" Johnny asked.

Holmes blushed. "Um, no. What about you?"

"Well... to tell you the truth, I like Claudia." Johnny said shyly.

"Really?" Holmes said in surprise.

"Yes, even though she's cold to us, I think that she is cool and I will... forget what I had said, I think I wasn't thinking when I said this. Well... it's late... we better go to bed," Johnny said nervously. He turned off the lights.

Holmes lay on his bed, thinking about what Johnny had just said. Why did he look so nervous when he was talking about what is he going to do?


"Found out anything yesterday night?" Lestrade asked.

"Well, Johnny said that he likes Claudia and he will...that's it." Holmes finished.

"That's it?" Lestrade echoed.

Holmes just about to continue when suddenly the lights went off. Noise started to fill the hall.

"Don't panic, class! I will go and find the main switch." The teacher began to feel around for the door.

A few seconds later Lestrade heard the door open and close. Suddenly she heard a male student yelling in pain. When the lights came back on, she found Johnny on the floor, and his leg was hurt.

"Johnny! What happened?" Caroline asked.

"I don't know. When the lights were off, someone just stabbed my leg," Johnny said in pain.

"Did you see anyone?" Holmes asked.

"No... it was too dark." Johnny said.

"Somebody take him to the sickbay!" Lestrade yelled.

Holmes began to think. He pulled Lestrade to one side. "Lestrade... I think I know who is the murderer, now."

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