The Journey to the Underworld

Part 8

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

'Get ready, girls!' Lestrade called out, as she got ready to throw her bouquet of roses. When she threw her bouquet, she was glad that Edith caught it because Edith kept on complaining to Lestrade and Alice that sheís the only one left (beside Alice and Lestrade) who still hadnít got married.

Today is Holmes and Lestradeís wedding day. All the people they knew were invited to the wedding, which was held at the New London church. Including the gods who helped them. (Donít ask me, I donít know how did they got the invitations.) The problem is... the gods still havenít arrived yet. But the bride and groom didnít even have the time to wonder where the gods went. They were too busy.

'Iím glad that the Inspector would marry Mr. Holmes. This wedding is just perfect....' Deidre was saying to Tennyson when Wiggins accidentally spilled his drink on Deidreís dress. 'My dress!!! Wiggins!!'

Deidre was just about to chase Wiggins when Holmes stopped her. 'Now, Deidre, I donít want you to chase people on my wedding day.'

Deidre stopped and smiled at him. 'Hi, Mr. Holmes. Congratulations, and you look so cool in your wedding suit.'

'You said that for the third time, Deidre.' Holmes smiled back.

'I know; I want to say it because I canít help it and itís you who got married.'

'What an idiot,' Wiggins whispered to Tennyson. Tennyson nodded.

'I heard that!! Just you guys wait till the wedding ceremony is over!!'

Lestrade smiled at the scene when she felt a tapping on her shoulder. She turned and saw Hermes smiling at her. "Hermes?"

"Hi, congratulations on your wedding. Sorry that I, Aphrodite, Asphodel, Hades and Persephone canít attend your wedding; we got meetings on Mt Olympus on the last minute. I had to make up a excuse to come here.'

'Thatís okay,' Lestrade smiled.

'By the way, the others told me to give you their greeting cards, included mine to you and Mr. Holmes. We made them ourselves at the last minute.'


Hermes looked at his watch. 'Oh my Gods! Iíll going to be late for another meeting! Gotta go! Say hi for me to Mr. Holmes!' Hermes flew up to the sky and disappeared.

Lestrade beckoned Holmes to come over and they opened the cards. The first one, which had two lovebirds printed on it, was from Aphrodite. It said:

To Sherlock Holmes and Beth Lestrade: (or is it Beth Lestrade Holmes? Oh, never mind.)

Congratulations! Iím sorry that I canít attend your wedding;
I tried everything to escape the meetings, but I just canít.
You should see me, sulking in the meetings like a little kid.

I'd love to see you and Mr. Holmes make your vows, exchange your wedding rings,

Kissing each other after that... (Happy sigh from me)

But I canít. (Disappointed sigh)

Oh well, tell me everything about your wedding when you come back from your honeymoon!

With Love,

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Lestrade blushed at the words while Holmes opened another card. In this card was printed a lyre, which played a wedding song whenever you opened it. It was from Hermes. It said:

To Mr. Holmes and Mrs. Holmes: (Do you mind if I address you that way?)

Like everyone would say, congratulations!

And sorry that I canít attend your wedding.

Such a disappointment...

Iím sure that you two can live happily for eternity.

With regards,

Hermes, messenger of the gods

Both Holmes and Lestrade smiled as they opened the third card, which has silver wedding bells printed on it. Itís from Hades. It said:

To William Sherlock Scott Holmes and Beth Lestrade:

Congratulations on your wedding,

Itís really disappointing that I canít come to your wedding,

I tried to plead, threaten, talk my King-Of-The-Gods brother Zeus to cancel the meetings and he refused.

What a stubborn god he is....

Anyway, I hope you two can live happily, just like Persephone and me.

P.S: Just donít come and claim souls from me again.

Hades, god of the underworld

Lestrade stared at the words in shock because she had never imagined a god could write these kinds of words. Holmes just laughed. Lestrade opened the last card which has a bouquet of roses printed on it.. It was from Persephone and her daughter, Asphodel. It said:

To Sherlock Holmes and Beth Lestrade Holmes:

You two will probably wonder why Hades and us are writing on two different cards.

Simply because we have different words to say.

Same as Hades,

Congratulations and sorry that we couldnít make it to your wedding.

I (Persephone) would like to say,

You two are a perfect match.

A match made by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Miss Lestrade, Iím sure you look very pretty in your wedding dress and Mr. Holmes, you must be very handsome in your wedding suit.

And our daughter, (Hades and mine, of course,) Asphodel would like to say,

Too bad I canít attend the wedding;

I'd love to catch your bouquet of flowers, Miss Lestrade

Wish you and Mr. Holmes love each other forever.

Persephone, goddess of spring
Asphodel, goddess of time

This time, Holmes and Lestrade did nothing except look at each other with love.


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